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Congrats to winner Sharon!  You’re going to love this magazine.

When I first started searching into a healthier, more chemical-free way of living and raising my family several years ago, I realized something – Australia seemed to be ahead of the U.S. by leaps and bounds.  Most of the really informative sites I was finding at the time were coming out of Australia!  There were more parenting message boards discussing organics, news articles revealing harmful chemicals, and an overall wealth of information that just wasn’t happening here yet.  Much has changed in America in the last few years and we’re becoming more aware, but I’m still quite struck by our Aussie friends’ enthusiasm for all things green.  Kindred, Australia’s magazine for “sustainability, connection parenting, and intelligent living” represents all this and more. 

I’d never had the opportunity to browse a Kindred magazine before.  Reading through a back issue cover to  cover (September – November 2008) gave me a good idea of what they’re all about.  Most definitely an intelligent magazine, this publication gives parents the lowdown on a variety of important and relevant topics.  This particular issue, for instance, had a series of articles on raising children to be strong enough to stay away from drugs.  The information shared was new, refreshing, practical and much more than just the page filler I think we’ve all experienced in some parenting magazines when it comes to the “kids and drugs” topic.  These articles drove deeper into the psychological, and I have to say I came out the other end of these understanding more about myself as well.

Moving from the drug-free kids features, I found a dynamic piece on Islam and the issue of the headscarf.  Written by Waleed Aly, the article was a balanced, level-headed editorial that brought to light many angles that anyone, no matter what they think, should consider before solidifying an opinion.  

In the Sustenance section of the magazine, things such as health benefits of tea and choosing affordable organic and local foods added yet another layer of practicality and smart thinking to the magazine.  An impressive publication overall.  If you’re a parent who likes to think through your child-rearing decisions, Kindred may very well be the most helpful publication you’ll find.  Once again, the Aussies have it!

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  1. What I like about this magazine is it’s different. So many of the American magazines I know are interchangeable with one another.

  2. The magazine’s emphasis on Natural Parenting and in its support of the child rearing reform movement appeals to me. I am glad to see that the staff endorses the Children’s Wellbeing Manifesto.

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