Lavender as a Remedy and a Hint of Tijuana

When I posted the Great Herbal Giveaway, I laughed to myself as I typed up the question “What is your favorite herb?” I was certain lavender would win. Is it that we know each other so well, or is it really that lavender is such a popular herb? 226 of you entered to win, and easily 3/4ths chose lavender as their favorite. So as promised, here is a post about the beloved lavender.

Lavender’s wonderful scent is what gives it such a great reputation. One whiff and stress is relieved and sleep is easier to come by. You can use it in your bathwater to aid in sleep. Or add a few drops to a little water in a small spray bottle. Presto! You’ve got my favorite room deodorizer.

Lavender has antiseptic properties as well. I like to add a few drops to a bowl of water for wiping down things in my son’s room like the changing table, parts of his crib that get gnawed on, and any other surface that requires a good cleansing from time to time.

I’ve talked a lot about cough and cold remedies and how humidifiers help. Lavender is one of the oils that can be used to aid in breathing difficulties when put in a humidifier’s inhalent reservoir. (Just a couple drops of the good stuff is plenty.) Since the scent is so relaxing, it helps you or your little ones sleep while breathing more easily.

So there you have some great uses for your favorite herb. If you said you love dill or cilantro, check back later. For the two witty contest entrants whose favorite herb is Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, well – this number’s for you…

4 thoughts on “Lavender as a Remedy and a Hint of Tijuana

  1. I really need to try the humidifier thing. I have a lavender blanket that I can heat up, I wrap my head in it when the sinus migraine hits.

  2. Yeah, I’ve taken a number of classes to make handmade soaps and lotions and the other students always go for lavendar. I’ve decided it’s a nice scent but definitely not one of my favorites, but definitely the most popular you’re right. :)

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