Lip Balm Sale at The Giving Essence!

Healthy lips - the Perfect Way to Kiss Spring Hello!


DkMommy Spot’s very own online store The Giving Essence is having a pretty exciting sale right now, if I do say so myself.  For those of you who may not know, I make a pretty mean handcrafted lip balm, and normally you can buy a set of three 1-ounce tins for $15.  (A 1-ounce tin, by the way, is 6 times the size of a chapstick tube!)  For a limited time, I have the sets of three on sale for only $10, and of course you get to mix and match from the six flavors.  (No coupon code necessary.)

All the lip balm is completely natural, made with sweet almond oil, beeswax, honey, Vitamin E, and essential oils.  Sets of three come in a cute little organza bag.  And of course a portion of all proceeds goes to charity! For February, we’re focusing on Haiti relief, and proceeds are going to the Red Cross.  (With the exception of Peppermint Lip Balm; 100% of its proceeds go to breast cancer research!)  Also with every purchase comes a free sample of another TGE product, and for U.S. orders over $30 there’s free shipping.

If you’re a lip balm addict as I am, a set of three gives you the chance to keep one in your purse, one by the bed, and one in the bathroom.  Or one in the living room, one in your backpack, one in the kitchen.  Or all three in your pockets.  Endless balmy possibilities.

So swing by The Giving Essence for some natural lip balm and ditch the chapstick quick.  Spring is on the way; time for fresh skin.  Your lips will thank you!

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  3. Michael, thanks for the support! Glad you enjoy the balm. My husband uses it too and his favorite is Lavender Mint. (Shhh! Don’t tell…)

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