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During the holidays I had a post with Mr. Linky set up so you could list your giveaways here, but I decided it should have a more permanent home.  If you look up above at the page tabs, you’ll see the link More Giveaways.  If you like to post or enter giveaways, make sure to bookmark this page and visit often!  I’ve searched the web for several sites to get the page going, but I want to hear from you!

While the focus is mostly green, organic, or eco-friendly giveaways, it’s by no means limited to that.  If you have a giveaway going on your blog that’s just plain fun and isn’t something like a lifetime supply of aerosol cans or 200 pounds of styrofoam cups, then please, add it in!  

So check out the new page, add your giveaways, and enter to win!

3 thoughts on “List and Find Giveaways Here!

  1. This is a great addition to the site, making it more user friendly to those of us who frequent dkMommySpot. Thanks for the giveaways.

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