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Congrats to Tammy, winner of the Living Well Health Master!  You’ve been contacted by email, so check that inbox and we’ll get your new Health Master out to you!!!

Today, Jane Marie reviews the Living Well Health Master for us.  Instructions to enter our giveaway follows her review, so read up and get ready to enter to win Montel Williams’ favorite kitchen appliance!  Here’s what Jane Marie has to say:

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m overwhelmed with new kitchen gadgets that come out. I like to get in my routine and do things the way I always have, thus staying in my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, I like experimenting with new machines, but then I usually fall back into my routine of 40 years.

I was unsure when I was asked to review the Living Well Health Master. It’s more than a blender and was a little scary at first. But it quickly became my new toy. After the first try, I was eager to see what I could make next.

The Health Master is a powerful food and vegetable emulsifier that can replace your food processor and your blender. It pulverizes and liquefies in minutes, sometimes seconds. With a 2 horse power motor that works at 1100 watts, you won’t believe the power. I must say, be prepared for a little noise. At high speed, I almost felt the need for ear plugs. I suppose that depends on the size of your kitchen (mine seems to have quite an echo factor.)

The best part is that you can put in whole fruits and vegetables, and it literally gobbles them up. What can you make? Anything from smoothies and power drinks, to soups and sauces, to desserts and ice cream. With the Health Master there’s no cooking involved when making the soups. Just toss in some vegetables and broth, turn it on and in 7-8 minutes, you have hot soup – ready to eat. The centrifugal force is so powerful that it cooks it while it is spinning!

But here’s the real mystery for me – the Health Master makes ice cream the same way. Just throw in some fruit, milk, and ice and turn it on until blended, and out comes cold and creamy ice cream!

Here’s a recipe that comes in one of the cookbooks that is included:

1/4 cup espresso

1 cup sugar (organic)

1 1/2 cup half and half

3 cups ice cubes

Add all ingredients, secure lid, turn the speed to low. Turn on the machine, and increase to high until blended. (only took seconds)

Serve or place in freezer.

That’s it! Isn’t that amazing?

I made the leek and potato soup, and my husband loved it. I literally just dumped in cubed red potatoes and chopped leeks, added water and bouillon cubes and 1/4 cup of milk, turned it on and in 8 minutes had hot soup ready to serve.

The only downfall I can find in this unit is the fact that it has two safety features which can be difficult to use; one is that the pitcher has to be locked in place (which is not real a problem) but the lid also has to be locked in order for the power to come on. The lid is very tight, and it took quite a bit of strength to get it in place. That may get easier with use, I’m not sure, because I have only had mine for a month. Once it was properly in place, everything worked just fine.

I can’t wait to try the recipes for wild rice salad, raspberry vinaigrette dressing, guacamole, hummus, and salsa. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is, this is one great machine that is not only fun but makes healthy and nutritious meals in minutes. And in today’s busy world that’s a real plus! The Living Well Health Master is Montel Williams’ favorite kitchen appliance and now it’s mine, too.

Ready to enter to win your own Living Well Health Master?  ($199.98 retail.) We have one to give away to one of you!  Note: Winner MUST live in the continental U.S!

Multiple Options for Multiple Entries:

1.) Just visit the Living Well Health Master Site and tell me something you liked or learned about the unit. (You may enter once a day.) Remember, leave an interesting comment. If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

2.) Blog about, Twitter, and/or Subscribe! Get an extra entry for each of these activities.  Just leave a separate comment for each, giving me a link to your blog post, your Twitter name, and/or a note saying you’re a subscriber.  SUBSCRIBE HERE!  

(Psst!  My Twitter name is dkMommy.)

Feel free to do all four to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Tuesday, June 9, 2009, to enter.

894 thoughts on “Living Well Health Master – Blender Giveaway

  1. How often do I have to exercise in order to lose weight after I begin using the Health Master? I intend to use my tread mill 3 to 4 times a week, but know of other individuals who only wish to make meals with the Health Master without exercising. Will they still lose weight?

  2. We watched Montel show also but with myself out of work and little for food and gas bills etc we can’t afford a juicer.My wife has allergy and complications from skin infections from a spider bite and those bills are coming in now also.She is doing better but our health has gotten worse because we can’t afford the healthy eating we need.We will someday get a juicer and start on a healthy life style we hope being seniors.We beleive in the juicer but for now we can only watch and wait till I get back to work.keep encouraging us seniors to get healthy because medical cost to much which she has I don’t thanks.

  3. What I would like to know is how you do veggy soup recipe and V6 without the ingredients foaming up. So far I have tried two recipes and did not like the taste. So how do you make these recipes without the foaming?

  4. Karin Godfrey
    hey did you try canceling the way you were going to pay for it? Another thing you guys might try is contact the TV station that is broadcasting the show and file complains with them. Another thing is to file complaint with BBB= Better Business Bureau. Hopefully you made a copy of your incomplete order form. Always copy everything. I hope this helps. I just now found this site.


  5. Howdy, I’m in my late 50’s and have been a ditch digger and chimney sweep for most of my life. My parts are really wearing out. I can’t stand in the kitchen for as long as it takes to make a proper meal. My wife has the Fibromyalgia and I’m just worn down from being a beast of burden all my life(my choice). I can’t feed her all the things she needs for a proper diet. No fiber in just juice. We can’t afford the blender but I could swing the taxes if I won. Thanks, Ralph Hartman

  6. This thing may work! I have read so many bad comments about it quitting in as little as a month and a half. So I gdecided to call customer service. Cant get ahold of em. Why do you think there are so many on ebay! Dont buy it. I think I am stuck with mine.

  7. I would love to try one of these blenders.Anything to get in more veggies.The diet I am on now requires you to eat 8 oz. of fresh veggies.That can seen like a mountain somedays.I love smoothies so I think this would be a great way to get them in.

  8. Much like many people I’ve reached the age of 40 and decided that I needed to improve my health. As I love whole foods but travel a lot and generally don’t have the time to prepare three meals a day with whole foods, the idea of drinking a meal is really appealing. I’m not even concerned with flavor. Just consistency of process and product. I’m seriously considering purchasing this unit but still doing my due diligence in research. Perhaps I can be a reviewer and obtain a unit in that manner.

  9. i would so love to have one of these blenders. I am getting ready for a new adventure of becoming a Vegan at the request of a Young Man in the 5th grade at the school where I volunteer. He is very excited about being a Vegan and has really tried hard to enlist others in his school to also become a Vegan. I really feel this Machine will be a big asset in my journey to Veganism. Will also be following the recipes that is listed in the Living Well with Montel Williams book. I would be honored to have and use this blender on a daily basis. Pick me please I really will use it to its full potential.
    Thank You, Brenda Wardwell

  10. As stated above I am going to become Vegan because of health concerns. I underwent a very serious brain surgery at the age of 43 and suffered a stroke Post operative. I had this surgery to repair one of rive anyerisms that I have on my brain. At this point in my life I have to have an MRI now every 12 months, I was going every 6 months to have them monitored. Due to my health conditions I am truly in need of some lifestyle changes that will extend the time I can spend with my husband and children and grandchildren. I have many years still left in me if I would just change my eating habits. I know I could encorporate more vegatables if I had one of these machines. We live on a fixed income due to my not being able to work; however, I do volunteer at the school that my husband is a teacher at. I work with the children in their AR Reading program as a way to give back to my community. There is no income for a volunteer.

  11. It will be the only way that I could manage to consume the mountain of Veggies that I would need to consume to be as healthy as I would like to be after having a stroke at the age of 43. I want to be around alot lounger to spend time with my husband who was only married to me for five years when he found himself taking care of me and my son from my previous marriage. he deserves to have me around for alot longer and I deserve to be here for any needs or wants that he may have. Help us to be more healthy. I also want to be around for my son who has already lost his father when he was only 13. He now is serving in the US Army and needs the Love and support of his 1 surviving parent.

  12. I’d love to win a HealthMaster because I could use it to improve my own life, but also to save my one surviving dog (Ilost my beloved Casey-a beautiful Siberian Husky-after the horrific dog food recalls of ’07, and it broke my heart, and his too. He mourned her loss til he nearly died! It’s hard to see what I’m typing now since my eyes well up every time I say that. It was a terrible time.) Since that poisoning, he can’t eat commercial dog foods anymore. He can’t tolerate the grains, chemicals, preservatives, and even the meats in them since the recalls. Even the vet has said homemade veggies, fruits, and beans are the only way to go for him now if he is to live. It’s amazing he’s alive at all, since nearly all the pets exposed to that recalled food died awful deaths. He eats lots of broccoli, cauliflower, peas, sweet potatoes, pinto beans, pumpkin, apples, carrots, and spinach, all pureed together. It has to be soft food for him now with no grit or roughness to it at all. And he can’t have a vitamin since they have grains in them; and I’m killing the vital nutrients he needs by cooking them before pureeing, and warming his frozen purees in the microwave. HELP!!!!!! In learning how to save him, I’ve learned how bad my own cooking has been for me. I had no idea I was microwaving the nutrients right out of everything! I might as well have saved my money & bought the junk at the groc. store! Eating veggies has been a hard shift for me anyway, since I was raised on hamburgers and fries. It’s been quite a change for my dog too. But I’m determined my pet and I will eat healthier! His favorite is broccoli, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. So if I can make all his beans taste like his favorite foods, he will gobble it up and be happy. It’s hard to do without cooking the nutrients out. And it’s hard for me to make those disgusting veggies I know I need to eat into something I like without ruining the health benefits. I would dearly love to win a HealthMaster so I could do this for him and for me, and to show my now grown daughters a better way to eat. It may be a necessity for my dog, since cooking the nutrients out of his food isn’t a long term alternative. He will get deficiencies if I don’t find a better way to cook his food. I can add the calcium he needs, thank goodness. I love him dearly, and he has suffered more than enough from the dog food poisoning and then mourning the loss of his mate and not being able to eat the meats and grains and things anymore. I have him to thank tho for teaching me so much about food and cooking that I never knew. Who knew it would take the love of a dog to teach me how to cook? I am trying hard to change my own habits, and hope it’s not too late to pass these changes onto my daughters. Saving my dog isn’t optional for me, and so we will both be happily eating better if we win a HealthMaster. I would have already gotten one, but I live on disability. My dogs, as beautiful as they are and were, were strays I took in. (So please, people, take in strays and shelter dogs! They need you and will change your life!)
    Maybe someone else can learn the benefits of using the HealthMaster for their pet as well as themselves after reading this. And it would be a great way to get pet birds to eat more veggies if they tasted fruitier. I hear bird owners have problems getting them to eat more veggies. As for my dog, it would be wonderful if I didn’t have to cook his beans, sweet potatoes and pumpkin to death before pureeing it for him so he could get all the vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients he so dearly needs now. So here’s to hoping to win a HealthMaster! And happy veggies to everyone!

  13. i would love to win the montel blender mine just stop wprking i am 69 and draw i am a dibatic also take pill for it thank you let me know if i ever win which is doubtful i watch ans see montrl on ty advertising this health master a lot

  14. I would love to win this machine…I love the fact that the motor is so large and it comes with a 100 year warranty. I have a 11 month old son that I would love to make baby food for, and my fiance and I are trying to become healthier for my son’s well being..we are healthy he is healthy. Thanks for reading :)

  15. I am 52 years old for the last two years I have been seeing the live Vitamix demo’s did not have the money to buy it. Now I see your machine after a work injury. I’ve been out over 3 weeks. Can’t buy your machine now either. HELP

    Peace be unto you
    Lugene Garrett

  16. i am a single 44 year old african american female,ive allways been overweight,i turned my look into a tomboy so i can were clothes that were to big for me so none could ever see the actuall shape of my body,ive never wore a dress,or any other female assessories,i know i am and can be a beautiful women,so many things in my life i cant take control of such as my job,my home my bills ect.theres rules and guidelines in every aspect of life not giveing me total control,so on jan 1st 2110 i decided i wanted total contol over me,my health my body,so the first thing i did was eliminate all negativity around me,that way my mind would be free and clear,next thing was i took all the food outa my house i mean a lotta food out my cabinets,fridge and freezerand gave it to my brother for his family,a friend girl of mine start educating me on food liveing food,foods that are healthy organtic foods and showed me how to read ingriediants 0n the labels,wowwwwwwww,the more i read the more eager i got to learn more,i felt like im in the disneyland of health and i want to go on every ride,i went from breakfast at mc donals to oatmeal flaxseed and honey i went from chips to fruit,from soda to water im useing my brain as a spunge absorbing so much neat informating on healthy eating,im on line reading books about health instead of going to the movies i go to borders a bookstore and read books about healthy eating,i go on long walks instead of driveing every were, i use to drink and smoke party at the clubs now i hang out in the gnc stores or the vitamen shops ive learned about the total body claense,and cleansed my body out ive learned about the parrasites,every day more and more vauable information, i now have healthy food in my home,i just new it was more rides to ride in this disneyland of health i wanted more,i new there just had to be a huge healthroler coaster i havent rode yet,one day while cleaning up i noticed i had a deep fryer a friend gave me for xmas,i called my friend asked her were did she buy it,i then took the deep fryer back to the store and got a juicer,wow i never been so amazed i hated carrots and grapefriuts would never eat them least long drink them,now i love them, i noticed when i juiced the fruits and vegetables all the pulp would go into this large cup in the back of the juicer,this has puzzled me,am i getting the vitamens and nutrition or is it in the pulp,so i was left with that thought liguring feeling a little dissappointed about this huge juice roller coaster,a day later i was laying down doodling on my lap top while the t,v was playing in the background,motells show came on about the liveing well healthmaster blender,i was blown away with excitment,i knew there was a huge health roller coaster out here in this disney land of health,i called friends family telling them all to watch i was so happy you would have thought i hit the lotto,but i did the health lotto,with the healthmaster blender i imediatly bought it i didnt even want payments,i wanted it so it is now in the mail being shipped to me i cant wait to experince all the different fruit soup and vegetable recipes,my employment is 10 years in meat, im a meat cutter(the only african american female meat cutter in the whole distric of grocery stores)ive cut back on eating meat i see and cut it all day,so im looking foward to the heath master blender,so my question to you montell is,is this truelly my roller coster?i really feel it is i want so bad to look nice be healthy and have fun all while doing it,takeing full control of my heath, in hopes of getting a call from someone like you to do an extreme make over on me, a before and after to inpire and capture the hearts of people all around the world, ,..p.s all i really know about the computer is google so feel free to call 1831 392 5688.thank you for airing that show on the health master blender.sincerely nancy black, monterey california

  17. I got the Health Master for my wife for Christmas it came by UPS on Jan 14 2010 she made Potato & Leek soup the next day she tried to use it would not work ,called Cust. service on Jan 16 , they said that would sent a return shipping label, about jan 29 we called to find out where the shipping label was they said it was on its was.
    called them on Feb 5 to find about the label , they said we should get it in 15 or 20 days.
    The Health Master they should give up
    maybe we will get a replacement we can use by 2011
    bob miller

  18. I seen the demo on one of Montel’s shows. He was really excited about his product. He had several guest on his show that did try the ,drinks, ice cream, and soups that was made with the blender, I could really use the blender for health reasons. Please put me down to win one of your blenders. I would love love love it.

  19. Would have loved to enter this contest, BUT has anyone noticed that this contest ENDED on

    I am ordering this product, years ago I was a health food junkie and lost 40 pounds when I first began juicing. I do not need to loose weight, I am 48 years old, 5″7” at 118 pounds.
    I do however have a health issue right now where juicing and healthy food will help my body recover. This is a small investment to ensure a healthy body and mind, there are things I can live without while I am paying this off and you will save money by buying fresh foods instead of processed foods. There is a very old book and a way of life called “FIT FOR LIFE”, I can not remember the author’s name, but juicing, fresh fruit, vegetables and food combining will change “your” life, this machine is the tool to get you on your way with “Fit for Life”. Find a copy of this book and read everything not just the recipe’s, you will be amazed, there is something that you will learn about drinking milk and after this you will never look at a glass of milk the same way. Good luck to anyone who tries this and if you have any questions about “FIT FOR LIFE”, I will be happy to help you as it is a way of life and NOT a diet, you will shed so much weight with the HEALTH MASTER BLENDER and FIT FOR LIFE.

  20. I have 2 young kids and getting them to eat veggies is very difficult. I like the way you can disguise the good stuff in smoothies that taste good with this blender and that recipes are provided. Also, my husband and I could both stand to loose some weight. We are both nurses on very busy units and the temptation of the vending machine is sometimes too much when you need to eat something quickly and can’t take a lot of time for a break. I like the idea that we can get all the nutrients we need in a quick homemade smoothie that we could take to work with us. Thanks for the great offer! =)

  21. I was diagnosed with MS. in October of 2009. I watch Montel Williams and I have also seen the iframercial of the Health Master blender. I love the fact that you can blend your veggies and it heats it like a hot soup! I am very overweight and I have heard that juicing helps to lose weight. I would love to have the Health Master but can’t afford to buy one. My husband hasn’t been able to work since June 29, 2009. He has had to have two shoulder surgeries and the doctor hasn’t released him to go back to work yet. I know this would be a beneficial asset to my kitchen. My waistline and health would benefit greatly from the Health Master! Thank you for your time!

  22. Good day. I have watched the info on tv tonight as wella s going to the site. After having caner twice and going through chemo, my immune system is not the greatest and natural herbs, veggies, and fruits will be good for me to get more of, but can only eat so much per day and its not enough eating raw and after a while I get kinda tired of them. So this will be great, can alternate the flavors to keep me interested while still adding the needed veggies in there for my pure health and mentality. I will be trying to save for this machine. it looks great for someone with health related issues and with all the possibilities, I will be more than willing to give it a go and help my health and well being.. Have a blessed day!

  23. I just watched the infomercial on this today and I am SO excited about it.. it looks to be the best kitchen accessory invented in a long time. I have been struggling with obesity for the last ten years, and I believe the Health Master may be just what I have been waiting for to help me control and lower my weight ! I love that you get the full benefit of the nutrients and fibers in your fruits and vegetables rather than just the juice. If it helps me lose my weight… I’ll be posting a testimonial here !

  24. This machine is a dream come true for me! I saw the infomercial last week and just went to the doctors yesterday for my checkup! I was told that if I don’t get my act together starting today I won’t see my kids grow up and see their kids… I’m 43 and my doctor said 60 years old may not be seen because after a tragedy in my life back in August I let my diet go, and myself totally. So I have a plan of all veggies for the next year and fruits, my son is over weight too, both of us will be saved by an ( easy to do ) food maker such as this. Hot fresh soup in 8 minutes? Monetsl green drink and others that we need in a moments time? Sweet Jesus! healthy life here we come!

  25. Hello: My husband and I have been juicing for the last couple of years off and on. One year we did it faithfully neither one of us got sick at all. Reason we don’t do it constantly is you have to get so much fruits & veggies that it costs a lot of money and then the Juicer is a pain to clean up because there are so many parts to it. We love the benefits of it but would be so much better if we could use the whole fruit & veggie and get even more benefit from it and not have to use as much. I know in the long run it would save a lot of money on the groceries and time on cleaning. I am 44yo and am starting to see signs of pre-diabetes, I have sleep apnea as well. I know if I could lose the weight I would be able to start getting rid of the pre-diabetes and maybe even the sleep apnea and I would feel much better. I have been laid off and haven’t worked since last May and would love to be able to have a healthmaster to start taking better care of myself and my husband as he is also overweight and not as healthy as he could be either. I don’t eat a lot of soup because of the sodium but homemade would make it so much better. Everyone on my mom’s side of the family has passed away of cancer, she is the only one left and I do not want to carry on in her side of the family’s footsteps.

  26. My husband has diabetes and watch what he eats. I know he can benefit from juicing however, I can’t afford one. If I won one I could use it for my husband as well as myself.

  27. I am 83 years of age with osteoarthritis in my knees, shoulders and fingers. I find it difficult to twist the tops off of jars. Is the top lid easy to secure safely and easy to take off?

  28. I am 83 years of age and live in a senior residence. I would like to know the decibels of noise using the healthmaster. Also, I have little strength in my fingers because of osteoarthritis and need yur assurance that it will be easy to take off when loading the vegetables/fruits into the container.

  29. THIS is exactly what I need to go with the vegetable garden I’m planning for this spring and summer! Otherwise most of the veggies will probably just rot :/ I think with the HealthMaster I could actually put them to use :) I wonder how many of my illnesses this machine could take away?

  30. I am a 48 getting ready to turn 49 in 17 more days, I’m only five foot tall but have reached a horrible weight of 158 pounds. Doesn’t sound like much but I’m short so yea I look like humpty dumpty. I have tried many diets with no success. I have recently tried the vegetarian route. I don’t miss the meat but could use this blender to use my fresh vegetables. I would use it on a two to three times a day basis, I’m sure. I have a little smoothie blender that is about to die on me, because of its daily use. Please pick me to win this blender. I can nolonger work due to end stage renal disease and lived on a fixed income.

  31. Hello. Very first I desire to say that I truly like your website, just discovered it the past week but I’ve been reading it since then.

    I appear to agree with most of the views and beliefs and this submit is no different. totally

    Thank you for the wonderful webpage and I hope you retain up the beneficial perform. If you do I will keep on to read it.

    Possess a good evening.

  32. Hi! I would love to win this machine. My family and I already eat healthy; however, this product entices me as it seems effortless to do and makes healthy food. I am on a budget so cannot just spend a lot of money so that is why I hope I will win. I believe in this product because I believe in Montel Williams. I honestly believe he would not back up a product he does not believe in. I know he has MS and most likely is trying to help anybody that wants to be healthy. He has always seemed to be honest and upfront so I believe the Health Master is the best product to buy.

  33. I am a middle aged man (just turned 45) that is currently out of work and returning to college to attempt a career change! The industry that I have toiled in for the last 25 years has taken a landslide and is virtually at a crawl with little to no hiring going on! I have a woman and a child to support as well as a home to sustain! Needless to say I feel like there is no money to be spent on extras in our situation! My woman has been complaining to me since I met her four years ago that we do not eat healthy, and that her health has suffered because of it! She is complaining of pains in her side and that she is always sore and lacking energy! She says that she feels like she does’nt want to see the doctor because she is afraid of what she might find out! We do not have insurance because of my job situation regardless, so we would have to take advantage of the Minnesota state health provisions to get her in and diagnosed! She thinks that she could have a cancer as it runs in her family, or possibly fibromyalgia which is her diagnosis! Anyways, I have tried to go organic as far as vegetables and meats, but I am still not getting anywhere with her health!

    Last night I was watching television and I stopped on a station where Montel Williams was speaking of the Health Master Blender! From watching this program, I was intrigued! I am thinking that this could be the answer to Linda’s health problems! For sure, it could only be beneficial! I would really love to suprise me girl with one of these blenders and with some hope for her to start feeling better! I want to show her that I really do care! I to would like to find out the advantages of juicing! Maybe I could lose a few pounds and start feeling more energized! If there is any chance that you might see fit to present us with one of these blenders, I would be so… grateful! Thanks for listening, Paul Roff (

  34. I had watched The Montel Williams Show for years & I was sad to see it end. Montel has always stressed the need for eating healthy so when I saw that he was promoting the HealthMaster, this really interested me. I’m a divorced mom who admits that my diet is lacking in fruits/vegetables & I’m more into fast food restaurants. It’s very hard to cook for one person, but with the ease & quickness of the HealthMaster, I’m excited to try out all the new recipes. Who would think, soup in 8 minutes? Amazing! The only down side to my excitement is I’m unable to afford this wonderful machine at this time! It would be a dream to win a HealthMaster so I could finally become healthy again! Thanks Montel for promoting this wonderful product!

  35. I have a birthday coming on Saturday 3/27/61 and though I know I will not get it in time, I am really praying that my husband has been able to come up with enough money to grant me my only wish, usually when asked what I want for my birthday I have no idea but this year I have really been looking at this blender and wishing that I could have one sitting on my counter. I love the idea of healthy eating and have recently decided to become a vegetarian. I just might possible have a review for you soon.

  36. Prayers really do work as I have a receipt in my hand where my husband has ordered my machine. from the commercials I love this thing. I have no doubt that it will receive plenty of use. I tried to check the order status today but couldn’t get any info since he just ordered it yesterday, It is suppose to be here in 7 to 10 days. That seems like an eternity to me. Will give feedback as soon as I take it for a spin literally.

  37. I would really love to have the Health Master so I can have a good health and gain some energy again. I’ve had many health problems since 2001 and I just can not get back to the way I was or even close to it. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, Scoliosis, Arthritis, Lost of Energy, Memory Loss and to top it off I gained 95lbs since 2001. I am really desperate to win this Health Master…I really can not afford to purchase one as I am on Long Term Disability. Please help me win this “Magical Machine” as I really have a feeling that health Master could do wonders for me!


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  39. Hello i am a full time worker parttime student and a single mother. My energy levels are so low and i feel bad because i would like to spend more time and be able to want to do things but i am so darn tired. My tiredness added to lack of trime providing and preparing proper meals for me ans my son both is another job in it’s self. I know that the blender would save our life. It is hard for me to get my son to eat veggies. but if i could introduce them to him in a way that he could enjoy them i know it would transform our life. Please help!

  40. I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia since 1997 and I have to take pain pills three time a day and that help about three quarters and the other quarter I just have to put up. I would sure like to win one of your machines. I watch your commercial every time when it’s on T.V. and I just feel that it is a great machine. I could sure use some help.

  41. Watched the infomercial yesterday and was excited to see the possibilities this emulsifier offers. I like the fact that it has a 100 yr warranty and hope the company stands by this! This would be an incredible buy if so and I would love to own one of these. I am a single mom with 3 girls. We do not eat enough fruit and veggies each day because it is difficult sometimes to come up with new ideas for meals. Vegetables are not usually kid’s favorites but are so important. I believe they are vital to healthy growth and development and one of God’s answers to some tough health issues today.

  42. Who wouldn’t want to win that machine?


    “That can make ice cream!”
    It’s on the WISH LIST!

  43. saw the infomercial yesterday with our tripletts and our kids said “mom could use this”… my wife has been trying to loose the extra weight since their birth, we always remind the kids about the importance of eating healthly and they have made the connection while watching the your program…

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