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Many of you are familiar with my other blog, carp(e) libris reviews.  I’ve been reviewing and giving away books there for about a year now, and it’s been a lot of fun.  But it’s time to shake things up over there, so I’m adding an exciting new feature, if you will.  I’ll be regularly adding reviews and giveaways called Creature Comforts for Bookworms.  I’ll still be doing the book reviews and giveaways as I always have, but now you’ll be able to enter for some really amazing items that will help you read in comfort or just enjoy life a little more.  

The first Creature Comforts giveaway is listed now, so please go check it out!

I plan on reviewing and giving away things bookworms love to keep at hand:  Coffee, tea, personal library accessories, warm fuzzy blankets, mugs, even coffee pots and ebook readers!  Things are lining up now, so make sure to come by for a visit.  Prop your feet up, have a mug of chamomile, and enjoy the stay!

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