Master Herbalist Michael Moore Dies

One of America’s great master herbalists, Michael Moore, passed on yesterday, February 20, 2009.  I’ve never met him, but I have benefitted from his knowledge which he kindly shared with the public through his vast and amazing website at

Michael Moore started out as a musician and a composer.  As an herbalist, he founded the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine with a residency program that ran for 28 years.  He eventually started a distance learning program for those students unable to attend in Bisbee, Arizona.  

Michael was also responsible for reviving many old herbalism texts, which he generously scanned and placed on his website, free for anyone who wanted to delve in.  (I personally have lost myself in this site for hours at a time; it holds the number one spot in my bookmarks bar.)

Some say this master herbalist has touched more lives, helped train and inspire more herbalists than any other in America.  He will be missed, but his contributions will live on, no doubt for generations to come.

6 thoughts on “Master Herbalist Michael Moore Dies

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  2. I studied in Bisbee with Michael and Donna. I will always hold him and my knowledge of his school, herbs and wonderful character in my heart. He was a relic and a wonderful teacher and by far, the most gracious herbalist and mentor I have ever known. Thank you Michael.

  3. so sad to hear of Michael’s passing. He has been an enormous inspiration to me. His wisdom and his connection to our masters-the Plants and Trees-leaves a legacy that will continue to inspire all herbalists for generations to come.
    Thank you Michael for all that you’ve done.

  4. Michael passed away partly because he had spent 40 years tromping around in the wilderness, exposed to the elements. He gave a gift of research to us all. A research toward natural healing. He was always chagrined when he would come across a place being buldozed and tore-up simply to create more paved-cement structures, (as if we need more of those!!) The greed on this planet is always with us it seems. Alot of places that were destroyed had valuable medicinal plants. Yes, he was exposed to elements, even near hypothermia on occasion. It was a good and wonderful work he was involved with, yet a tough wilderness life. And, who is to predict in life how long we live? There are plenty of people dying at age two, or earlier. When your time comes, it comes. That is for the creator to decide. As for his wife, that would be Donna, I was Michael’s first wife, well I do hope that she is in good health. She is young so she should be. She has been through a rough patch, as Michael was ill for a few years. We all wish her well. As for me, I am in good to mediocre health. I am OK. Our children and grandchildren are also OK. They are just getting over the shock of losing this lovely family member. Michael is held dear in their hearts, forever. Velia.

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