Meatless Meals for Working People Cookbook Giveaway

If you’re looking for meatless meals that can be whipped up quick and easy, or if you are a vegetarian who’s in a quandary over which restaurants can handle your need for veggies only, Meatless Meals For Working People: Quick And Easy Vegetarian Recipes is a great book to have onhand.  Filled with simple meal suggestions and recipes, meal guides for particular age groups, and an extensive restaurant guide, the busy vegetarian or vegan will benefit greatly from keeping this book nearby.  With over 90,000 copies in print, you know it’s good!

I’ve been looking to get a wider variety of simple vegetarian meals to our table.  I’m a very busy mom who works from home full time.  So I was happy to check out Meatless Meals For Working People: Quick And Easy Vegetarian Recipes.  Easy to reference with recipes containing few ingredients, Meatless Meals has given me some great ideas for things like soups, salads, and main courses.  

I’ve enjoyed the book and plan to take it on trips with us so we can reference the restaurant guide which takes up about the first half of the book.  When we travel, we often feel stuck when it comes to restaurant selection.  We’re not completely vegetarian, but anyone who cuts down on meat, or doesn’t eat it at all, knows how frustrating it can be to find a suitable place to eat without having to count on salads only, “Hold the bacon bits, please.”  This guide covers everything from fast food to fine dining, and it’s going to be a must-have during our travels I can tell you!

Want to win your own?  The good people at Vegetarian Resource Group would like to give one of you a copy!

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387 thoughts on “Meatless Meals for Working People Cookbook Giveaway

  1. Ive been trying to cutdown on meat but its hard to find recipes that are easy to make that isn’t just salad. haha, i like salad but not for everymeal ya know?

  2. Ive been trying to cutdown on meat but its hard to find recipes that are easy to make that isn’t just salad. haha, i like salad but not for everymeal ya know?

  3. Never have enough time after work and do not like cooking/handling meat. Rarely prepare meat at home and only occasionally eat it in restaurants.
    Prepare a lot of frozen vegetables and other non-meat meals at home and always seeking new ways to efficiently prepare vegetarian/non-meat meals
    Would enjoy reading this book

  4. Trying to eat less red meat! This cookbook will help me in that effort! Great giveaway! Please enter me to win!

  5. My husband refuses to eat “rabbit food”. Maybe if I had some good recipes, he’d reconsider having a few vegetarian meals a week.

  6. I was a vegitarian for 5 years and it was the healthiest I ever felt, not that I eat much meat now. But it seems like a more natural way to go. But now that I am cooking for my husband and 2 yr old daughter I need more meal ideas this would be wonderful. Thanks I am proud to say that my daughter loves her VEGGIES

  7. I am a new vegetarian (3 weeks strong!) and a busy teacher. This cookbook could really help me with lunches for work and quick dinners at home!

  8. My husband has gout and I have cystinuria so we both need to learn how 2 eat without meat in our diets.This win be alot of help in learning new veggie recipes. ty 4 the awesome giveaway and entry:)

  9. We are two busy parents and are looking to eat more veggies and put a meal on the table quicker. Plus…meat is getting expensive!

  10. I eat meat but as little as I can. I’m interested in this book because I would like to know which foods I can get protein from without eating meat (and peanut butter).

  11. I would like to have this book because I’ve learned that vegetarians know how to make some really awesome meals and have really unique side dishes.

  12. We grow a veggie garden every year, so it would be nice to have some new veggie meal recipes. Thanks for having the contest.

  13. I’ve increasingly lost my taste for meat,though I still enjoy fish, but am happiest with a large assortment of vegetables and/or beans on my plate. I also enjoy salads, and find that eating this way has not only made me lose some weight, but I feel better too!

  14. I would like to incorporate more vegetarian meals into our dinners here, so this book would be great.

  15. This book interests me because I would like recipe ideas for cooking without meat to cut down on my grocery bill.

  16. Let’s say I’m among the culinarily challenged! I have 3 busy busy busy kids and would love to have us all eat healthy meals that don’t take half a day to prepare. This book is a great giveaway idea!

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