Medicinal Herb Handbook by Feather Jones

The Medicinal Herb Handbook is a 35-page booklet that offers a lot of information in a concise, easy-to-reference format.  If you’re an herbalist, be it professional or for your family only, Feather Jones’s information will be of great use.  The book gives quick and easy reference to a wide variety of herbs available in both the American market and in many personal herb gardens. 

Lengthy dissertations are great for learning in-depth info on herbal medicine; I myself delve into these great tomes regularly.  But just as regularly, sometimes even more often, I like to snag the sort of handbook Feather Jones has created.  Her book is most helpful when you need the information without scanning massive books, either for choosing the proper herb for a medicinal tea, or while making up a tincture.  This booklet offers sections on Single Plants, Herbal Combinations (these alone make the book worth the purchase), and lists of syrups, salves, cordials, etc. as well as a section on Organi System Disorders complete with recommended herbs for each.

If you’re interested in any form of herbalism whatsoever, I’d highly recommend keeping several handbooks about; and you’d be wise to have among them the Medicinal Herb Handbook.

Feather Jones has been a practicing herbalist since 1982.  She is the founder of Turtle Island Herbs and is a founding member and vice president of the Rocky Mountain Herbalist Coalition, and is the former president of the American Herbalists Guild.  Medicinal Herb Handbook is published by Lotus Press and sells for $4.95.

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