Medicinal Plants of North America – Book Review

When heading out into the woody wild, you don’t want to miss a bit of it.  Taking a field guide along can enhance the experience for the whole family.  Medicinal Plants of North America: A Field Guide (Falcon Guides) is an excellent choice to get you started in some true nature appreciation.  

One thing of utmost importance when choosing a field guide is imagery.  The photography in Medicinal Plants is large, clear and bright, making plant identification much easier.  Of course written description helps further the process, and this book does that in a concise manner.

But what’s the plant good for, you may ask?  Both traditional and modern uses are described here, along with food usage when applicable.  And if caution need be taken, that’s available too.

Of course field guides are not all-inclusive manuals on the uses of herbal medicine, but they’re not meant to be.  Quick descriptions and clear photography are key, as in this volume, to providing a compact and useful book to toss in a backpack for day trips, camping, and wildcrafting excursions.  You’ll find this Falcon Guide is a guide that will certainly gain its spot in your hiking gear.

Medicinal Plants of North America: A Field Guide (Falcon Guides) can be purchased on Amazon for a discounted price of $11.53.

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