Mellow Monk Green Tea Giveaway

Mellow Monk is a favorite at our house because of the quality and flavor of their green teas.  I first tried Mellow Monk two years ago, and my husband, the true green tea enthusiast, declared it the best he’d ever had.  (We even purchased Mellow Monk Tea for Christmas stocking stuffers two Christmases in a row!  We’re nice that way.)

Lately we’ve been sampling Mellow Monk’s most premium green tea, Shaded Leaf.  Living up to its name, the flavor is mellow and smooth, and in my opinion, elegant.  Shaded Leaf Tea is a special tea indeed.  It’s called a kabuse-cha, which means “covered tea”.   That’s because 21 days before picking, the tea plants are shaded with woven coverings that block out 90% of the sun’s light, which encourages the plants to produce more catechins.  It also increases levels of EGCG which is one of the things that make green tea such a health benefit.  From one heaping teaspoon of leaves, you can actually brew 3 cups of tea!  That means a lot of healthy, very fine tea for your money.  And I appreciate that the vacuum sealed bag will seal tight between uses, which ensures the loose leaf tea stays fresh.  For us, Shaded Leaf is the household favorite and is used with a level of reverence I’m sure other tea drinkers will appreciate.  

Want to try some Shaded Leaf Green Tea for yourself?  Mellow Monk is graciously giving away one 100-gram packet (40 – 50 cups of tea, $29.95) to a very fortunate dkM reader!

1.) Just visit Mellow Monk and tell me what else you liked or learned there. (***You may enter once a day, but please list a new item you like each time.) Remember, leave an interesting comment. If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

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Feel free to do all five to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Friday, March 12, 2010, to enter.

125 thoughts on “Mellow Monk Green Tea Giveaway

  1. Green tea, black tea and oolong tea come from the same plant. The difference is in how they are processed.

  2. I learned that this tea is grown at the foothills of an active volcano! How amazing! I wonder what it’s like to be there picking it! I myself am trying SO HARD to switch from coffee to green tea because of the anti-oxidants!

  3. The other important variable in the tea-brewing equation is water temperature. Boiling water is too hot. Ideally, the water should be a little cooler. But to keep things simple—a fundamental Mellow Monk value—there’s nothing wrong with using the wonderfully simple self-regulating temperature mechanism of water: you can’t boil it past 100 degrees Celsius

  4. Today I learned that they got their name from a Japanese Buddhist monk who lived in 9th century Japan, Saicho (loose translation)

  5. I learned that Mellow Monk tea is made by steaming instead of pan frying. Steaming is thought to preserve more of the disease-fighting antioxidants than frying, and to preserve the tea’s natural earthy flavor.

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  8. I revisited the Mellow Monk website *sigh* only makes me want to try each and every tea!! About 3 weeks ago, I stumbled upon Mellow Monk and ordered the Monk’s Choice. I have been enjoying it daily ever since. I would love the chance to try Shaded Leaf. I am so excited about this give-a-away!

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