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Boris the Cow Interactive Painting from Mia Canvas
Boris the Cow Interactive Painting from Mia Canvas

When I was a kid, I remember some of the paintings on the walls of our family home.  They were precious belongings to my parents, remembrances of travel and exotic places, and we weren’t allowed to touch them.  But there was something magical about all those thick layers of paint creating trees and lakes, and I wanted to touch them; if I could only reach…. 

Mia Canvas is a company that creates touchable art for your kids.  The interactive paintings are brightly colored canvases that are also magnetic.  Children can add to the painting by moving around the coordinating magnets, or by adding their own magnets.  We’ve been playing with a Mia Canvas painting of a cow in a field.  Ladybugs and leaves can be rearranged, and my son is able to add a few magnets of his own, sometimes attaching bits of his own artwork.  

Mia Canvas is giving away one Magnetic Interactive Painting ($59.95 retail) to a dkMommy Spot reader!  Here’s your chance to give artwork to your child that can actually be touched!

Multiple Options for Multiple Entries:

1.) Just visit Mia Canvas and tell me what else you liked or learned there. (You may enter once a day.) Remember, leave an interesting comment. If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

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Feel free to do all four to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Friday, July 24, 2009, to enter.

196 thoughts on “Mia Canvas Magnetic Interactive Art Giveaway

  1. The blue Family Tree canvas is great. It allows for much creative expression, as well as thought, at all age levels. I still, however, remain a great fan of the Waddlers:) I’m a subscriber…

  2. Olivia and Sadie the waddlers is adorable! Kinda reminds me of my twins who waddle around while their curls bop on their head. My 6 year old likes them and likes the idea of all the magnets. He told me he could add his animal magnets and make a farm!

  3. My favorite is Olivia and Sadie, the Waddlers — I grew up with ducks and would love to someday get some for my kids — they’re so much fun!

  4. My daughter would have fun with the Tic Tac Toe canvas. That is the latest game she has learned to “play,” and by play I mean she fills all the squares with x’s or o’s and says, “I won again!” She’s three, okay….

  5. I learned that “each painting is coated with a special UV protectant that will help seal and guard the canvas for years to come.” macd82 at gmail dot com

  6. I’ve never heard of Mia’s website before. Very cool products. We love anything magnetic at my house. My daughter has a developmental disability and won’t play with most toys, but she’s fascinated with magnets and will play with them for an hour or more.

  7. I think the barnyard collection is outstanding. The canvas shown is displayed with a blue (or pink) background. A variety of textile fabrics, a related object (cowbell, coil pig tail, etc) and a combination of spring time magnets is included for each of the animals in this collection. What a great piece of art for a little one.

  8. The Starry Skies collection is very cool–but I lik the Family Tree collection too! Can’t decide which is neater.

  9. I like the Barn Yard set–would be great for my granddaughters. All three like to do art/crafts.

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