Do you have a strong network marketing success mindset?  Do you feel confident sharing your products and opportunity with people you meet both online and offline.

I know that a lot of my readers are successful network marketers who are building both online and offline, but I also know that some of my readers are wanting to build a business online and I want to question if it is because you are trying to avoid having to talk to people in your warm market?

It’s an important question and one that may make some people uncomfortable, but I believe that answering it is essential if you’re going to have a success mindset in your network marketing business.

There are a lot of people wanting to market online so they don’t have to “bug” their friends and family, but I believe that what we have is a gift so share and if you’re holding back from sharing the gifts of network marketing and your company with people you meet in person, you may be lacking in one of these 4 areas of belief.

How strong is your belief?  I know that there is a big push to want to build their business online.  And I’m right there with you, I’m doing the same thing, but I’ve also built a business in my warm market.

I really see people struggle sometimes because their belief in the 4 key areas are not strong enough.

The 4 key areas of belief for a strong network marketing success mindset are:

  • Belief in your company
  • Belief in your products
  • Belief in the network marketing industry
  • Belief in yourself

And if you don’t have enough belief in all four of these areas, you are not going to feel comfortable speaking up about your opportunity or your company or your products to people in your warm market.  And the big tendency for people to want to market online allows them to hide behind their computer and socialize safely through twitter and Facebook and not really have to put themselves into a vulnerable position.

I’m not saying you have to be in a vulnerable position in your business, but if your belief is so strong and you’ve got so much conviction right down to the core that what you’re doing can help people; that what you’re offering can change lives you can’t help but to talk about it with the people that you come across.

I recently had this experience where my success mindset left me compelled to share my opportunity with someone in my warm market.  I was at parent night at school to meet my daughter’s teacher, and see her third grade classroom, locker, desk, and hear about all the wonderful things she’s learning.  And I bumped into a woman who I had met in Brownies, and after talking with her I learned that she and her husband had been laid-off and she said that they were really struggling.

Who gets hurt if you don’t have a network marketing success mindset?

If you are hesitant and you are holding back from sharing your opportunity with your warm market, who does that serve?  You have a gift to share, you have something that could really, really change lives.  In my opinion if you are only marketing your business online and you are not sharing that with the people you have in your warm market you are doing them a disservice. You are being selfish.  And I don’t think that that is what any of us want to be in our business.

And if you don’t build your belief in your company, products, network marketing industry and yourself that is the reason why you’re not comfortable prospecting in your warm market?

My suggestion is to do both: leverage the power of the internet give leverage to yourself, the gift of being able to help more people, make more money, and spend less time working.  But when you come across someone like I did last night, who your business and your opportunity could really, really benefit and be a blessing to them; by all means don’t hold back!  Please share this!

This network marketing industry is such a powerful thing and can help so many people and it is absolutely not something that we need to keep a secret or keep only to the people who are wanting to build a business online.  It’s a very powerful, powerful tool to change a life and I want to encourage you to share it!

How do you build your network marketing success mindset?

I want to encourage you to bulk up your network marketing success mindset by taking the time to read your company’s literature, become a product of your company’s products, and learn more about the power of the network marketing industry.  And by all means invest in your personal development so you can grow your confidence and your belief in yourself!

And I promise you when you bulk up your belief in these four areas you will be unstoppable in your business!  Having a network marketing success mindset is the key to unlocking your passion in sharing this opportunity with everyone you meet online and offline!