Moment of Impact: Hunters & Herds (Part 1) – THIRTEEN Thursdays

Perhaps the most action-packed of our THIRTEEN Thursdays look at PBS’s Nature program, Moment of Impact: Hunters & Herds, dives head first into the why’s and how’s of predator vs. prey.  What makes a lion such a powerful hunter?  How does a jackrabbit outwit the speed and agility of a golden eagle?  Can a ground squirrel really go head to head with a rattlesnake and win?  You’ll get your questions answered in this, Part 1 of 2, airing on PBS this Sunday, April 4.

But fair warning is due:  Although most of the Nature series is relatively tame the majority of the time, this episode contains scenes that might be tough viewing for the younger ones.  Overall, however, the Nature series is very low on the gore meter.  This particular episode is not bloody, but if you have children who are bothered by the whole “prey and predator” scenario, keep this one for the older kids who will no doubt find it incredibly fun viewing.  And the best part?  They’ll be getting a serious nature science lesson without even realizing it.

Check back next Thursday when I give you the scoop on Part 2 of Moment of Impact.

View it:  Moment of Impact: Hubnters & Herds airs on PBS on April 4, 2010, and will be available for free viewing on or on  Or support the efforts of THIRTEEN by purchasing copies of this and others of the Nature series and build your family DVD library.  Check local listings for times.