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I have yet to get rid of a single article of baby clothing.  My son is almost three, and since I’m a major bargain shopper, he’s always had mounds of clothes.  So now those mounds of clothes have become boxes of clothes – and loss of a whole corner of the basement.  I have to guess many of you are in the same situation.  Perhaps you just haven’t been ready to part with sentimental ties, but perhaps in this economic crunch, selling some unused baby stuff would help get the family by.  Or maybe you’d like to purchase some gently used items rather than breaking out the wallet for the inflated prices of new stuff. is today’s Money Saving Tip for the Frugal Mom. allows parents to shop by region to find the best deals on gently used baby and child items; it also gives parents the opportunity to list their used items for free, or at low cost for premium listings.  This clean, well organized site is one to bookmark for certain.  Better yet, register with them and you could win a $629 Bugaboo Frog Stroller!  

More features on include classifieds offering free items and information on charities where parents may choose to donate their items.  Soon, parents will even be able to bid on celebrity hand-me-downs, including items already waiting in the wings from Nicole Richie, with the proceeds going to charity.  

Overall, this site is a real winner, whether you’re in need of items, spare cash, or just the basement space.  We’ve been really focused on eliminating unused items in our house, trying to take a more minimalist approach (and gain some breathing room!) so I’ll be registering at right away.  I can’t use a Bugaboo Frog Stroller anymore, but if I win I’ll be sure to pass it on to one of you!  Because giving is one of the biggest money saving tips this frugal mom can think of.

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