More Great Ways to Give Your Kids Healthy Food


If you read yesterday’s article on building a nutrient rich diet for your kids, you’re probably ready for some more ideas about giving your kids healthy food. So here they are:

Save the cooking water from vegetables for soup. With some seasoning, you have vegetable broth. Or use the broth in place of water for other recipes. The broth is full of the vitamins and minerals that leached out of the cooked vegetables.

To help cut down on sugar, add some water to your kids’ fruit juice. I hate to poo-poo juice because it has its benefits, and no kid wants water all the time. But it is loaded with sugar, so try cutting it a bit.

Try healthy snacks like this homemade dairy-free ice cream. Or put dates and walnuts in a food processor with a few sesame seeds. Form balls from the mixture and roll in shredded coconut. Delicious, sweet, and full of omega-3’s and fiber.

There are so many more ideas for adding an extra nutritional boost to meals, and I’ll post even more later. But for now, what are your favorite ways to get your kids more fruits and veggies? Leave a comment and let us all in on your secrets!

3 thoughts on “More Great Ways to Give Your Kids Healthy Food

  1. one of my favorite treats is plain or vanilla organic yogurt with frozen mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries, and marionberries from costco). if i mix them up and then let the bowl sit for about 2 minutes, it is perfect. yummy. i think i’ll go have some right now!

  2. Michal, I do that too – frozen blueberries from Costco and I drizzle honey on it. I have the recipe for it somewhere in here. You could search for blueberries in the search window, but it sounds like you’ve been eating something similar for awhile! I know, I get cravings for it. Satisfies my ice cream itch!

  3. I puree carrots, spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, and make up meatballs. I will make a regular meatball recipe without the bread and add some of the above. I make up a HUGE batch and freeze them. Then when I don’t feel much like cooking I have a healthy meal the kids LOVE!!

    I also hide a lot of good stuff (almonds, dates, chopped apples, grated carrots,) in home made bran muffins.

    Smoothies are another way to fill them with good stuff

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