Natural Beauty Secrets Revealed in Beauty Gone Wild!

It’s hot off the e-press today, and it’s chock full of natural remedies, beauty recipes, and herbal goodness.  What is it?  Beauty Gone Wild! Herbal Recipes for Gorgeous Skin & Hair, the latest of my Herbs Gone Wild! ebook series, available now on Amazon. (Don’t have a Kindle? No fears. You can get a free Kindle app on Amazon for your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Windows Phone.)

Included in the ebook are recipes and easy tips for skin care, hair care, natural hygiene, even homemade perfumes. You’ll learn how to make my favorite moisturizer and the lip balms formerly sold on The Giving Essence. Recipes are included for making your own tooth powders, deodorants, hairspray, perfume solids, astringents, and more.

So grab your copy of Beauty Gone Wild! while the e-ink is still wet…

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