Natural Bee Sting Remedy

beeI’ll never forget my first bee sting.  I was about four years old, and it was also probably the first natural remedy I remember receiving.  (Except for prune juice, but we’ll have to cover that lovely story another day.)  My mother applied the remedy and some kisses, and all the pain went away.

Shortly afterwards, I was playing in the yard with my mom when she stepped on a yellow jacket and got stung in the arch of her foot.  Oh, did it hurt!  It had stung her right in the location of an old injury, and she’s always been very sensitive in that spot, and she couldn’t help but to start crying.  While she was sitting outside trying to pull the stubborn bee which had lodged itself in her foot, I ran into the kitchen, remembering her remedy.  I climbed up on the counter with the help of a kitchen chair and got the baking soda, which I mixed with a little water to form a paste.  I took it to her, applied it to her foot, and tried to heal her with kisses and hugs.  The bee sting went away, but for some reason she cried harder.  

Maybe that’s part of the reason I love natural remedies.  There’s something more personal to them, and I find over and over everyone has their own little story, remembering mom or grandma preparing something special and mixing it with kisses and hugs to relieve the pain.

5 thoughts on “Natural Bee Sting Remedy

  1. … I have never been stung by a bee (thank you!) but when I read about the baking soda … I was reminded of last year when my kids and I were in Florida … I had just broken my arm the day after we got there … we were staying on the beach at a friend’s house – I wrapped my arm in plastic and a bunch of us went into the ocean … shortly thereafter, only I was stung by a jellyfish right on my belly (oh the pain) … there were sooo many “natural” remedies thrown at me (some a little too natural) … baking soda paste probably worked best!

  2. Oooo, Sheri. I think I’d rather be stung by the bee! I can only imagine the pain; I’ve heard it’s horrible! When I was visiting the Black Sea, it was loaded, loaded with jelly fish. But those don’t sting! I couldn’t get over that. I was so nervous swimming there at first. They bump against you all gentle and nice, then go on their way. Some small like a nickel, others like dinner plates. Ocean jelly fish? Not so nice…

  3. Here’s a great one I learned from my 8-year old daughter’s yoga class (lucky her … my yoga is chasing my son through all his oddly small hiding places :D) anyways, here is a great way to make a mind-altering ‘spritzer’ … go to your local health/natural market and pick up some essential oils (or better yet, share the cost with a friend) Simply fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of your favorite oils. Now, squirt away. You can use single oils or combine oils to create your own blend. Some of my favorites are:

    Lavender: balancing, soothing, clarifying, cleansing … suppose to do away with headaches too!

    Cedarwood: Has calming and purifying properties. Use a few drops of cedarwood oil in a spritzer bottle with water and spray your closet if you have moths. You can also use this to spray your plants if they have insects.

    Lemon and Peppermint: Both deodorize the air when added to a spritzer. Add 1 drop lemon or 1 drop peppermint to a quart of water for purification and a refreshing lift.

    Purification Blend: This blend of Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavender, Rosemary, Melaleuca and Myrtle is great for disinfecting and for repelling insects.

    Jasmine Absolute: Aphrodisiac, antidepressant, sedative (seems to produce a strange behavioral complication, eh? :D)

    Anyways, spritz away … just don’t get it in your eyes!!! My daughter is convinced now by this method … she may be a spritz-a-holic! 😀 They smell great! YAY!

  4. OMG!! Diane I just read your post …. aarrrggghhh … how were you able to see AND swim with those things?!?!? You must be very brave … I couldn’t have done it … bravo to you. I did not see the one that stung me … and yikes! they do leave a horrible painful welt (btw, if you don’t take care of a jellyfish sting, it can leave a scar) … so take care of it ASAP!!! I’m heading back in less than a month … I’m hoping that I don’t have to experience that pain again!!!!!

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