Natural Cold & Flu Remedies for Kids & Adults too!

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It’s been over a year since my son’s last cold, and thankfully this one seems only to have lasted not even two days, with just the sniffles left as a reminder.  I’m so grateful to have discovered some great herbs and natural remedies.  I credit these herbs and remedies, along with good diet, for my son’s quick recovery from viruses.  Whenever one of us gets sick, I grab every appropriate cold or flu-fighting remedy I know and get to work, and whenever this happens, I get the urge to blog about it and share anything new I’ve discovered.

Everytime someone in the house sneezes a suspicious sounding sneeze, the first thing I do is whip out a bottle of Super Echinacea tincture from Herb Pharm, which I swear by.  I know some people poo-poo Echinacea, even saying you’re weakening your immune system by not “allowing” exposure to viruses.  But believe me, you’re still exposed.  The difference is, you’re able to fight it off better by giving strength to the immune system you have.  So by making sure everyone in the family has some Echinacea this time of year, you’re doing everyone a favor.  When someone comes home feeling under the weather, make sure the whole family gets a few doses of Echinacea a day, and give a little extra to the one with the virus.  Sometimes I’ll do three or four doses a day (about one dropper) for a sick one, but you can do even more (a full dose every hour or two for severe infection) with no fears of overdosing on Echinacea.  And no, there’s no scientific proof that you’ll grow immune to it.

I’ve also been giving my son Herb Pharm’s Children’s Herbal Compound which contains chamomile, fennel, and catnip.  This combination has helped him get over that sick feeling, and he’s been able to rest without tossing and turning.  It’s also great for lowering a fever.

For a great tea, I’ve been blending a few herbs together.  Try two parts stinging nettle to one part licorice root and one part rose hips.  The nettle is loaded with vitamins and minerals, licorice root sweetens the tea and aids with sore throats and coughs, and rose hips have extra Vitamin C.

An easy remedy for cough and clearing the nose and lungs is to purchase a humidifier with a vaporizer reservoir built in.  Instead of using over-the-counter vaporizing liquids, use plain and simple Rosemary Oil.  It’s not too potent like Eucalyptus can be for babies and small children, and the scent is soothing.

Of course there’s always the Breathe Deep spray I have at The Giving Essence.  That contains Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Peppermint Oils which help unclog a stuffed nose and soothe irritated, congested lungs.  My son always says, “That smells gooood!” whenever I spray it for him.  Such a supportive child…

I also keep homeopathic tablets especially for colds and flu in our house at all times.  I swear by their effectiveness and would never be without.  The two brands I’ve tried are Hyland’s and Boericke & Tafel.  Ask at your local health food store about which ones would be best for you.  There is a wide variety and it can get overwhelming without a little advice.  But no worries – homeopathic remedies are some of the safest of products.  

Combine these remedies with continued healthy eating and some green smoothies filled with leafy greens, fresh fruit, and other goodies (cucumber, sprouts, etc.), your family can overcome colds and flues much quicker than you thought possible!  Natural remedies abound when it comes to caring for your family, and if you’re willing to try them, you’ll be amazed at how effectively they work!

For more ideas, listen to my podcast interview with Ed Smith.  He has lots of advice for caring for little ones naturally.

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  1. my 7 month old granddaughter has the flu and my daughter is very worried because of what the doctor said. she told her that the baby can get pneumonia or even menengitis. how can i help her get over the flu with natural herbs? can my granddaughter be allergic to herdal remedies? that’s my daughters biggest concern about herbal treatments. thank you for your help. rachael

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