Natural Earache Remedy with Garlic Oil

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1063251_garlic_on_wood_chopping_boardOne of the most common health issues children seem to face is the earache.  While there are several reasons earaches are so common within the last couple of generations, including the overuse of antibiotics and bottle feeding to name two, no matter how the earache came about, any parent will want to end that discomfort quickly.  Today’s remedy is good for both children and adults, and since it focuses on garlic as the healing plant, you’re incorporating a good dose of anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial action from the garlic.  Of course any earache accompanied by a high fever, serious pain, or anything that makes that parenting radar start up, always consult a doctor.  This is simply an old-fashioned remedy for a common but uncomfortable issue.

To make your own garlic oil, take about 6 cloves of garlic and chop it finely or run it through a food processor.  I like to give it a few good whacks with the side of my cooking knife too, to release the oils.  Make sure to use fresh garlic and not pre-chopped from the grocer’s which may contain preservatives and additives.  Place the garlic in a clean dry glass jar and cover with about a cup of fresh olive oil.  Cap tightly and allow the oil to sit for a week or two.  I like to leave mine in the sunlight when possible.  If you’re in a hurry to use it, you can heat it on very low heat in a double boiler for perhaps 30 minutes; just make sure it is completely cool before use!  

Once your oil has set, strain it thoroughly.  You may now use a dropper to place  a few drops of the oil into the ear.  Hold it in place with a bit of cotton.  It stays in better if one lays on one’s side for awhile.  To remove the oil, tip the head gently to the side, catching the oil with an old clean towel.  Wipe the surrounding area of the ear, but don’t try to flush it out.  Repeat as needed.

If you suffer from tinnitus or hearing difficulties, it is said that this may help as well.  Of course that depends on the nature and reasoning behind the tinnitus or hearing issues, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

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  3. As one who has earaches often and ringing in the ears often too, I’m going to give this a try instead of asking the doctor for prescription Auralgan drops for pain.

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