Natural Products for Babies

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I received a comment on dkMommy Spot the other day from a concerned soon-to-be mommy who is having a hard time sorting out all the baby products out there.  She says while shopping for baby items, she “didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t pronounce most of the ingredients. Do you have recommendations for baby soap, lotion, diaper rash cream etc. that would have less chemical for the little one?”  As a matter of fact, I do!

When I started dkMommy Spot two years ago, it was after finding myself in the same predicament as this reader.  A mere two years ago, there were no “green” products, no organic items at my local grocery store.  I had to start from scratch and research like crazy and experiment.  It’s why I started this blog:  I knew I wasn’t the only one wondering how to raise a family chemical-free.  So where does one go for chemical-free solutions for baby?  There are two ways to go:  Buy them or make your own.  (Check my Homemade Products archive for all sorts of ideas.) I do both because it’s not always easy to make everything.  For instance, I make my own baby wipes.  (I buy cheap baby washcloths and keep a simple container of clean water by the changing table.  That’s about it, aside from some calendula oil or salve for the tushy.)  But I buy things like Borax and vinegar or SoapNuts for baby laundry.

If you want to find reliable places to purchase baby products, this site is a good place to start.  In the sidebars are wonderful companies that don’t just advertise here–I’ve reviewed them all in the past, I correspond with the owners because we think alike, and I believe in what they sell.  For Your Bug-A-Boo and GrowInStyle both sell safe baby products like lotions and shampoos.  For My Kids is a popular place to go for natural germ killing sprays and hand wash.  And for coupon codes for online shopping, of course you can spend a lot of time on the Contests & Coupon Codes page!  I’ve reviewed and approved all of those companies as well.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a trustworthy health food store in your area, you can spend time asking the sales staff questions.  I’ve done it countless times, and I still do it almost every time I’m in there!  (Believe me, they know who I am by this point.  I’m the Question Queen.)  People who have chosen to work in reputable health food stores love what they do.  They love to talk about the products, and they think just like you!  They hate chemicals and they want very much to help others understand all about natural products.  You’ll never get a funny look by telling a health food store clerk you only want paraben-free lotion.

I hope this post provides a little help for not only our new mother-to-be reader, but to others who really desire to raise their families chemical free.  It may start out overwhelming, but there’s help out there (and in here) when you need it!

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