Natural Relief for Sunburns

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Memorial Day weekend!  A long break for work, grilling, outdoor activities, sunburns…  Yes, sunburns can be a problem for many of us, especially up here in the northern regions where perhaps we’re still a bit pasty after the long hard winter.  So when a 3-day weekend approaches, it’s easy to spend too much time in the sun without realizing what we’ve done until it’s too late and too painful!  Here’s a simple remedy to give you natural relief from that sunburn.

Aloe vera gel is one of the best solutions for sunburns – or any minor burn – but make sure it’s completely natural.  I can’t tell you how many bottles of “natural” aloe I’ve looked at only to find an ingredient list a mile long.  Aloe vera gel should be just aloe.  Look for 100%, and be sure to check the label.  If you have an aloe plant at home (and if only your face or chest is burnt), you can simply break off a leaf and apply the gel.  I often keep the remainder of the leaf in the refrigerator.  It keeps for quite awhile until I’ve inevitably burned myself cooking later on!  If you are able to find a good 100% aloe gel, you can boost the healing properties by placing a big glop in a bowl and adding a few little drops of lavender oil.  A soothing cool and a comforting scent!

So enjoy your long weekend, have fun with the kids, and don’t forget to protect everyone from the sun! But if you do get caught up in all the activity and end up with too much sunshine, you’ll have your natural relief for sunburns onhand.

4 thoughts on “Natural Relief for Sunburns

  1. Hi Herbal Cures. It would take a lot of plant to get your whole self covered – I figure snapping off a leaf for face and chest is pretty good, but more than that and you won’t have a plant left! A downfall unless you live in a desert region and have those nice big ones about the yard! Mine’s a pretty small 4″ pot variety.

  2. I have a plant that has had parts broken off in the past. We don’t need the aloe right then, but I’d like to be able to use it. How can it be stored best?

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