Natural Relief to Curb the Menstrual Monster


This Would be a Good Day to Back Off
This Would be a Good Day to Back Off

Got cramps? How about bloating up like a blowfish, enough irritability to scare a WWF professional wrestler, flow as heavy as Niagara? Then I certainly don’t blame you for being cranky.  When that menstrual monster rears its ugly head and makes it impossible for you to remember what “normal” is, there are some natural period remedies you may want to keep at your side so you don’t break any more dishes.

 First things first: get some dried raspberry leaf.  This makes a tea that covers a wide range of symptoms, including cramping, bloating, and irregular bleeding.  You can drink several cups of it a day, and it’s pretty good stuff in my opinion.  A little honey and your day may start getting sweeter again.  

If your period is unusually heavy, you can try some yarrow.  Yes, yarrow is an herb that’s famous for its abilities to stop a cut from bleeding, but interestingly enough it works internally as well.  No, it won’t stop your period altogether (drat), but it will regulate excessive and heavy menstrual cycles.  In fact, if you have a very light period and need it to kick into gear, yarrow will assist you with that as well.  You can make a tea out of the dried flowering tops, or you can take it as a tincture.  

For natural pain relief ginger tea is always a favorite of mine.  It helps take the edge off the cramping, and it’s soothing as well.  One word of warning here: it can increase bleeding, so if that’s already an issue for you, you might try some valerian instead.  

And speaking of valerian, if you’re extra edgy and unable to sleep, and if you’ve got cramps to top it all off, valerian is very helpful.  Yes, it smells like cat pee.  But it works incredibly well. It works so well I’d like to take a moment to ask you: please don’t drink valerian tea and drive. No heavy machinery, no choosing that day to go to battle, etc. 

Those are a few of my favorite natural remedies for PMS and other menstrual frustrations. Keep them at the ready so when that ugly monster rears its head it won’t bite you – or anyone you live with!

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