Natural Remedies for Colic

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Few things are more frustrating to new parents than caring for a colicky baby.  Mom and dad are most likely functioning on lack of sleep, and nerves are probably raw.  Worst of al is a common feeling of guilt, that it must be caused due to a lack of proper care or understanding by the parents.  Knowing all parents of colicky babies feel this way is half the battle!  The other half of the battle is gathering up some natural remedies for colic.

Colic is characterized by crying, what seems to be abdominal pain, and irritability.  This usually starts around one month of age and continues through about four months.  Parents can help relax their baby’s discomfort with a few different herbs prepared as either a tea or a bath infusion.  If prepared as tea, only a small amount should be given so baby doesn’t replace important meals with tea.  In fact, one or two teaspoonfuls of tea as needed is often a sufficient dose.  Herbs to consider for teas and/or bath infusions would be:  dill, fennel, chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, catmint (catnip), linden, or red clover.  Alternatively, a nursing mother may consider drinking the tea herself.  This not oly passes the tea safely throguh the breastmilk, it gives Mom some much-needed natural relaxation too!

There are several other possible remedies to try as well.  Try changing the nursing mom’s diet.  It’s possible avoiding foods such as dairy, caffeine, spicy foods, garlic, or the gassy vegetables of the cabbage family might help baby’s digestion.  Rule them out one at a time.  Swaddling the baby snugly and rocking him or her is very soothing; oftentimes car rides, baby swings, and walking with baby in a front positioned baby carrier give baby much-needed comfort.  Warm baths, altering feeding positions, and changing formula are sometiems the cure.  And if your baby is on formula, adding some acidophilus to the bottle is sometimes helpful.  (Consult a pediatrician and /or certified health professional for dosage.)

Interestingly, I know of a couple who had a colicky baby.  In desperation they took her to a chiropractor for colic treatment. The chiropractor was able to massage the baby’s abdomen and make some gentle adjustments.  The transformation was so impressive the father changed career paths.  He’s now a chiropractor!

Colic is indeed a frustrating challenge.  But the good news is, it doesn’t last forever.  In the meantime, try these helpful natural remedies for colic, and don’t forget to treat yourself with relaxing teas and time out for both Mom and Dad.  Letting baby spend time with grandma for an afternoon doesn’t make you a bad parent – just a relaxed one!

Note:  This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any health issues.  It is informative only, and is given as a way to offer suggestions that might be discussed with a certified health professional.  

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