Natural Remedies for Heat Rash

PhotobucketWhen my son was enjoying his first summer, he had a problem with heat rash that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of.  I remember we had a big picnic when he turned one month old so he could meet a lot of friends that hadn’t seen him yet.  I was so excited and had the little outfit picked out, the food ready, the heat rash in place.  What???  Meet people for the first time with his sweet little complexion covered in tiny red bumps?  Oh, the horror.  If only I’d had these natural remedies for heat rash in my medicinal arsenal.  Darnit.

Simply mix together two tablespoons each of powdered calendula and chamomile, and one tablespoon cornstarch.  Use this as a powder to soothe the rash.  This is nice because you can mix it ahead of time and even take it with you.  Use an old spice bottle (the kind with the holes in the top) to take it along with you.  

Other around-the-house remedies could be slices of cool cucumber.  Hey, your baby likes the spa treatment too.  Just rub those slices around the skin for a soothing coolness.  Cooled chamomile tea helps calm irritated skin too, as does aloe gel.  I like to keep an aloe plant in my son’s room just in case.  (Keep out of reach of kids.  It’s generally safe, but you just never know what they’ll find to do to it.  Kids are inventive, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by the crayon marks on the walls.)

These natural remedies are not only good for heat rash, but other rashes and skin irritations as well.  Keep them around, keep them in mind, and keep the skin cool and clear!

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