Natural Remedy for Aching Muscles

It’s summertime, and the whole family is more active than usual. That’s great! Get out there and enjoy the fresh air. But when you’ve overdone it and awake with sore muscles, what’s a body to do? The goldenseal liniment is just the natural remedy for your aching muscles that will set you to rights.

This remedy couldn’t be simpler, but you must make it ahead of time and keep it onhand. Take one tablespoon of powdered goldenseal, found at a local health food store (a rather common herb), and mix it with one cup vodka. Let this concoction sit for two weeks, shaking it daily. Just give it a little tipping back and forth. There you go. After two weeks, you can rub it on sore muscles with a cotton ball to ease the pain.

Now go forth and do summery things without fear. Ride that bike. Run through the sprinkler. For tomorrow, when the sore muscles remind you that you are not five years old (what were you thinking, out there on that skateboard?), you have the natural remedy for healing those aching muscles.

5 thoughts on “Natural Remedy for Aching Muscles

  1. OMG!! Diane you rock! My daughter’s last day of school was today … a bunch of us went to the park for a BBQ, etc … the kids were playing on the structures and (even though my daughter is one of the strongest monkeys in her school) she grabbed the slider bar (feet up) and landed smack on her back … bug eyed, pale, unable to move … she was winded in the biggest way! Her muscles will surely ache tomorrow … I know this won’t work for her tomorrow but I am totally keeping the recipe … do you know how long it will keep in the jar?

  2. Hi Sheri,

    Ouch! That sounds painful! This stuff should keep for a very long time as vodka is a natural preservative. In the meantime, a great natural ache reliever would be some ginger tea. It can be spicy, so you’ll want to adjust it to what your daughter can handle. But sweeten it with some honey, and it works as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

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