Natural Ways to Stay Warm!

It’s a blizzard out there.  I’ve watched the snow grow deeper seemingly by the minute all morning, and it looks like there’s no end in sight, at least not for today.  My son and I braved the cold to shovel the driveway a mere two hours after my husband shoveled; six inches of new snow was waiting to be removed!  For 2 1/2, my little boy can really shovel, although he seems to put it right back on the driveway.  After shoveling twice, since it was full by the time I got to the end, we were both pretty chilly.  What does a dkMommy do to warm up her Frosty the Snowbaby?  One trick is tea!

As soon as we stomped back inside, my son asked, “Can I have some warm tea, Mommy?”  I happily complied, making him a nice brew of chamomile with honey.  Warming and a versatile healthy herb, it helped calm him for the nap that was soon to follow.  

For me, I prefer ginger tea.  One of my favorites, it’s perfect for warming you up from the inside.  Whether you dice up fresh ginger (about a 1-inch chunk) or boil dried slices, make sure to let it sit for a long enough time to get good and strong.  I prefer to make a larger pot, boiling the water down to about half of what I started with.  Add honey and you can say bye-bye to any throat problems the chilly air has given you.

For a real warm and cozy atomosphere, I’ve started setting aside some orange peels and letting them dry instead of tossing them.  When my home needs a toasty, comforting scent to help chase the chill out, I  gently simmer a pot of water with the orange peel, a couple of cloves, and a cinnamon stick.  In cold weather like this, it’s hard to keep humidity in the air.  With dry air comes dry irritated sinuses, so the steam pulls double duty.

Probably the best warming advice I can give is to go grab your little snow angels, a fluffy blanket, and a stack of books.  Camp out on the couch with your tea and each other, and watch it snow! That’s just what we’re going to do.  Because baby, it’s coooooold outside!

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