New Additions to The Giving Essence

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The official online store of dkMommy Spot, The Giving Essence, has a fun special and a few great new additions to our product line I wanted to tell you about.  We’ve just added a new lip balm flavor – Margarita Mambo.  I’m pretty excited about this one because it contains a very tropical, summery blend of essential oils.  Lime, tangerine, and lemon are featured, and as always every ingredient used is 100% natural and chemical free.  

We’ve also added a couple of new Essential Sticks to the collection.  Remember the Peppermint Stick Headache & Stress Eraser?  Now there are two new essential oil roll-ons:  Dream Stick and Breathe Deep Stick.  Dream Stick features a wonderful French Lavender essential oil to help lull you to sleep.  The Breathe Deep Stick is based on our most popular of the Home Fragrance Sprays, and includes eucalyptus and peppermint oils to help open the sinuses.  All the Essential Sticks come in a beautiful little frosted glass roll-on bottle.  I keep the Dream Stick on my night stand to help me sleep, and it’s amazing how much it really does help provide a deeper sleep!  Even dreams are more vivid; others who have been trying the product for me have reported the same results.

The Giving Essence is running a special right now in honor of our new products:  Buy any two Essential Sticks and you’ll receive a full sized 1-ounce tin of the new Margarita Mambo lip balm!  No need to enter a code; the special is available to everyone!

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