Autism Being Tied to Schools Built Near Toxic Sites

A new study has been released today showing a strong connection between Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and children who attend school within a 10 – 20 mile radius of superfund sites.  Schools built near these superfund sites, or toxic waste sites, have a much larger risk of developing ASD according to the new study released by the University of Norther Iowa.  Apparently, rates of ASD are one and a half times higher in school districts near a toxic waste site than those outside a 10 mile radius.  

Children’s minds and bodies are still developing; therefore, their reactions to being exposed to dangerous chemicals are much more drastic than those of adults. Their bodies are able to absorb more contaminated air per pound of body weight than adults, so it’s very important to limit their exposure to environmental toxins.  Since there are currently no federal laws to prevent schools from being built near these superfund sites, the Center for Health, Environment & Justice has been working hard with communities to see that this changes.

Please take a moment to read the University of Northern Iowa’s full report, pass it on, and tell everyone you know about these recent findings.  You may just alter a child’s future for the better!

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