No Cold Medicine for Children Under 6?

I have a few friends who like to keep an eye out for news stories I can pass along in my blog.  Lately I’ve been receiving email from them with links to articles on the increasing warnings against the usage of cough and cold medicines.  One friend sent me links showing the growing possibility that cough and cold medicine is inadvisable for children even older than two.  On Friday, another friend sent me an article from CNN stating an FDA panel was insisting these medicines shouldn’t be used in children under the age of six.  (If you get a chance, watch the video at this link.)  Looks like the verdict is out now, according to this article in The Buffalo News.  Even more reason in my eyes to be continually on the lookout for natural remedies!  I remember when my son was first born, I thought, “Everyone is going to think I’m nuts when they see how I plan on raising him.”   I had no idea there were so many moms out there that are on the lookout for natural remedies and a chemical-free existence for their families, but not only have I found many of them through this blog, the number is growing by the day as the truth about the products we’ve taken for granted starts to show.  I’m so thankful for the alternatives we’re able to share because without it, news stories like this would leave me feeling very helpless.  Instead, we’re able to bond together to find a better way.Thanks to all my friends, those of you I’ve known for a long time and those I may never meet face to face, for sharing your great ideas and knowledge!  I’m hoping to keep this blog going for a long time to come, filling it with the helpful information you pass on to me.

12 thoughts on “No Cold Medicine for Children Under 6?

  1. on the contrary, darling, it is us who are constantly impressed by YOU! Thanks for all the recipes and natural remedies- its SO inspiring! (And what a lucky little guy you have that you take such concern over his NATURAL health!) Keep up the good work!

  2. And a big THANKS to you for keeping us all informed… of natural health remedies, safety recalls, food and nutrition, and more. I enjoy reading your blog… and also sometimes feel that people think I’m crazy for giving my kids organic food, using natural products, and trying herbal/natural remedies!
    Laura in Seattle

  3. Shucks, you guys are great! Thanks so much for your compliments. I love that we can learn from each other and feel we’re not alone in our parenting efforts! Whatever would I do without my bloggin’ buddies?

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