No ‘Poo Update: How I Almost Threw in the Towel, Shaved My Head, and Other Really Bad Choices

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Going Bald Wasnt a Great Look for Britney and it Probably Wouldnt be so Hot on Me Either
Going Bald Wasn't a Great Look for Britney and it Probably Wouldn't be so Hot on Me Either

I ditched my shampoo back in June, and it was quite an adjustment at first, but I was so curious about the great results I’d heard others had had, so I stuck it out.  After a month or two, I was thoroughly convinced.  No doubt this was the way to go for me.  I learned how to use baking soda to scrub my scalp and apple cider vinegar to give myself a conditioning rinse.  My hair became soft, manageable, and curly.  I didn’t need a comb in the morning like I had my entire life to untangle my wet hair.  I didn’t need mousse, styling gels, or even a hairdryer.  I loved it!

But I made a couple of big goofs that almost threw me off the no ‘poo trail.  

Goof #1: I colored my hair.  Although I use a natural hair color and have for a long time, this particular product must still manage to strip the natural oils despite its lack of chemicals.  I was initially afraid to color my hair, but with about 2 inches of dark regrowth staring at me in the mirror, I decided I’d do it anyway.  It dried my hair out pretty good.  But I carried on.  After about 2 weeks it was almost back to what I loved about no ‘poo hair.

Goof #2: I went to the hairstylist.  My sister is a hairstylist and usually does my hair, but she lives a good distance away.  So when I just can’t stand it anymore, I go to a local salon for a trim.  Not usually a big deal, and this time I really needed it after the hair color incident.  My ends were pretty much shot.  I washed my hair before going for a cut, thinking I’d tell my stylist to please not shampoo me.  I even went in with slightly damp hair.  But when she stuck my head in that bowl, we were so busy yapping that I forgot!  She glopped on the shampoo and I said, “Oops!  I just washed my hair.”  (Yes, skeptics – no ‘poo girls do indeed wash their hair – just not with the stuff from the store.  I get that observation a lot.)  She said “No problem!” and washed the soap right out.  But something odd happened.

What happened when my hair met shampoo after 4 months? It went limp.  Dull, straight as a board, flat to my head.  For DAYS.  It became a terrible rat’s nest that I couldn’t undo, even after major conditioning.  And I could smell the shampoo in my hair for a week, no exaggeration, even after massive amounts of baking soda scrubbing, vinegar rinses, rosemary treatments… But the worst part was that it was like starting all over again.  My hair went into major oil overload.  The only reason I can think of is that shampoo does in fact strip the oil from the hair, forcing your body to produce more oil.  That’s why most people, even with expensive shampoos, can wash their hair in the morning and have an oily scalp by evening.  I’ve gotten used to waking up in the morning with hair that’s still soft and clean from the morning before.  

At first I’ll admit it, I wanted to give it all up and cry, cut my hair extra short, and go back to shampoo.  But then I remembered the reason I started it all in the first place, and I reminded myself that my stylist had used a brand of shampoo that, once upon a time, had been my favorite pricey brand.  And that it had taken out all the curl, given me snarls, and made my hair completely unmanageable for almost 3 weeks.  So that was that.  I’ve toughened it out and for the first time since my haircut, I enjoyed manageably curly hair yesterday.  My husband even commented on how cool all those curls were.

What was that expensive shampoo that turned my hair into a rat’s nest?  Hmm.  I don’t want to type it here or else those Google ads on my site will start spitting out advertising for it, but his initials are PM.  I think you can figure it out from there.

So for now I may be done with the no ‘poo updates.  It’s no longer an experiment; for me, it’s just become how I do things.  Yes, I’m enthusiastic about it, especially when someone who hasn’t seen me in a long time plays with my hair and tells me how great it looks.  And especially when I realize I’m doing something really good for my health, not just my appearance.  

I’m a no ‘poo girl.  ‘Nuff said.

7 thoughts on “No ‘Poo Update: How I Almost Threw in the Towel, Shaved My Head, and Other Really Bad Choices

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  3. Advice from the sister that lives too far away to run over for a cut: It is true that your body will produce more oil if you keep taking it away. If you have an oily head it is advised to wash your hair at night. This allows your body to slowly produce natural much needed oil while you sleep and be on the head all day protecting the hair as “nature” intended. I know this is hard for some thinking that they will be an oily mess in the morning. Stick it out for a while and your body will adjust. If you keep stripping it away with harsh shampoos your scalp WILL go into overdrive and produce even more.
    I am sorry Niffty Sissty for your experience. I will make sure I am available for your “no poo head” next time.

  4. When I grew my hair out I had to re-learn how to maintain it. Having short hair was easy enough to just wash every day then style, but long hair wasn’t as easy to figure out. I also had problems with the PM brand and found that apple cider vinegar and coconut oil do the best job for my hair and scalp. I go only 2 days a week for shampooing my hair, and sometimes I just shower after hot yoga but leave my hair alone. Even with the sweat my hair maintains a more natural, healthy look. I guess the reason why it looks healthy is because it actually is!

  5. Where do you find natural hair coloring? I’ve looked all over and mainly the ones I found are to color it dark, I need blonde. Any suggestions?

  6. I found this one at a health food store near me. I’m sorry I don’t have the name right now! It’s from Spain and in a green box – that’s all I can say. It does lighten my hair, although I don’t know if they do blondes or not. I’m going to go completely natural in my hair color, ie only plants, herbs etc., and hopefully I’ll be able to test some out and run it by you guys. Still doing my homework there though. I’ve used henna plenty of times, but hey, it’s messy and that won’t give you blonde hair! I’ll have to ask that sister of mine what she’s come across.

  7. I do the method Lorraine Massey says to do in the book curly girl.I have curly hair and alot of shampoos are very harsh on the market.I have been doing this for many years.I do condition daily:)There is even a shampoo called no poo its basically the consistency in appearance like conditioner it by devacurl but it doesnt strip the hair.
    They have this wonderful spray made with lavendar too,smells great.


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