Numen The Nature of Plants DVD – Finally!

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For thousands of years plants have been relied upon for nourishment, clothing, and yes, medicine. With all eyes on healthcare, and growing numbers of people reaching for alternative medicine to help and heal their families, never has there been a better time for the new independent documentary being released today: “Numen – the Nature of Plants“. I had the recent honor of previewing this wonderful fim, and I’m here to say if you have ever felt yourself drawn to plants and herbalism, you’ll want to get ahold of this DVD.

Premiering today at 12:00 noon EST, Numen is a film that delves into what herbalism is truly about, and how plants have been healing since their beginning.  Prominent herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar, Matthew Wood, and Ed Smith give their take on what makes the healing nature of plants so fascinating and relevant for the world in which we live today, giving voice to what many of us have felt but may not have been able to express as eloquently.  This DVD gives great argument to the importance of plants as medicine, and stresses our need for a renewed connection with nature.  It also shows the spiritual side of the connection we humans have with nature, and offers compelling reasons for reestablishing this bond, for our personal health as well as for the health of the world around us.

Brilliant cinematography of plants, flowers, and nature will leave you spellbound while the input from a wide variety of herbalists will give you a closer look at the true nature of plants. There are only 1,700 copies available of “Numen – The Nature of Plants” for its first run, so if you’re wanting to get yourself a copy, or perhaps get one as a Christmas gift for a friend or family member, swing by their site and order one.  Word has it, they’ll be going fast!  I highly recommend the film, and I’m truly hoping to see Numen go far.  I believe the message in this documentary is something we can all benefit from, and its release couldn’t be more timely.

To Purchase the DVD: Simply visit the Numen website and order direct.

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