Nutritious Foods for Teething Toddlers

Has your toddler lost her appetite? It may just be the pain of teething keeping her from noshing on her favorite meals. Since you want to keep nutrition high, especially when your darling isn’t feeling her happiest, here are some healthy, easy-to-eat foods:

Spinach Apple Mush
Mix together:
about 1/4 cup finely grated apple
a large handful raw baby spinach, boiled until soft
organic rice baby cereal
a little cooking water from the spinach

Avocado Smash
(This is also great as baby’s first vegetable.)
Mash one avocado with one banana (or 1/2 of each, depending on the appetite.)

Try cutting favorite softer finger foods in smaller bites, and if your toddler’s gums really look swollen, avoid the crunchy stuff for awhile. While harder foods are often a welcome item to chew on for a teether, they lose their appeal when pain is present.

Also try going back to your toddler’s favorites from earlier babyhood, like some of the baby food recipes I’ve shared previously.

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