NutriWare “Whole Grain Gourmet” Rice & Whole Grain Cooker

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Trying to get more healthy foods into your family’s diet?  I suppose most of us are, but at times the task seems overwhelming, especially if it means revamping all your food preparation habits.  But occasionally there’s a product that comes along and takes out some of the work for you, even makes cooking fun again.  The “Whole Grain Gourmet” (NRC-1000) by Aroma has been changing things up around my house, and I’d definitely say things are simpler with it around.

I cook a lot of rice – at least twice a week, with beans and soups being prepared about once a week as well.  I also love to steam vegetables, so when I found the Whole Grain Gourmet and realized I could do all of that without even turning on my stove, I was pretty excited to give it a try.  The Whole Grain Gourmet can make up to 9 cups of rice, which makes for a pretty roomy unit.  Stainless steel construction is found all over the cooker – the main cooking pot, the colander and steam tray are all stainless.  A tempered glass lid with a stainless steel handle means a pretty impressive and sturdy cooker.  And of course the absence of plastic parts in food preparation is always a big benefit I search high and low for.  I’ve discovered it gets pretty tough to find something like this that doesn’t include plastic.  

Since the cooker is electric, that means I can make soups, pastas, rice, beans, steamed vegetables etc.without crowding my stove.  I’m a notoriously messy chef, and I can’t seem to keep my stovetop clean.  Something drips, gets cooked on solid, etc.  But the Whole Grain Gourmet has been helping me keep the stovetop free of all that mess.  Cleanup of the unit is easier than I’d imagined.  Without a Teflon coating, things sometimes stick, but if it’s washed right away, or if you let dried-on foods soak, it comes off the smooth stainless surface with ease.

For families who like to experiment with different grains, instructions are given for cooking everything from amaranth to wheat berries. An included cookbook helps you discover breakfast recipes, pasta dishes, soups, salads, etc.  A very versatile machine that can be used from the most basic bean and rice preparations to more unique dishes that expand the family diet, the Whole Grain Gourmet is definitely an item I’d recommend.  Easy to use, health inspiring, and sturdy, it’s now become one of my most valued and used kitchen appliances.  If you’re in the market for a simple-to-use grain cooker, Aroma’s “Whole Grain Gourmet” will give you a lot more than cooked rice.  It’ll give you a healthy diet that’s actually fun to prepare.

6 thoughts on “NutriWare “Whole Grain Gourmet” Rice & Whole Grain Cooker

  1. rice cooker…the only way i can make perfect rice every time and mine is dying!!! please please please…my scottish dh has spent most of his life in the middle and far east and to him, rice is better than potatoes!!!

    sandys last blog post..from PillowThrowDecor.

  2. This sounds Great… I would like to see what other stuff it does….Maybe I could make some new and intersting things…

  3. I am looking for a unit with stainless rather than teflon coated cooking pot. Since this is not a “sealed” unit do you have a problem with spattering when your cooking?

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