Operation Clean Air – U.S. Olympic Athletes Breathe Easier with IQAir

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PhotobucketBeijing is the most polluted city in the world.  If you can even wrap your brain around this one, Beijing is 40 times more polluted than Los Angeles!  So giving our athletes clean air is a definite advantage.  IQAir, a company I’ve blogged about and even podcasted about, has been busy working on Operation Clean Air to give our U.S. athletes the purest air possible during the Olympic games.  All U.S. training and residential facilities have been given ultra-high efficiency air cleaning to offer our athletes the clean air they need to compete.    

The AP recently covered the story of IQAir at the Olympics if you’d like to read more about it.  It’s a fascinating thought:  Could the U.S. Olympic Team actually be doing better than expected due to their clean-air advantage?  It may just be Operation Clean Air walks away with the gold on this one.