Organic Stacking Toy Giveaway from Down to Earth Toys

I think we all know by now how important careful toy selection is.  We’ve seen the news reports, the huge toy recalls, the stories about lead in toys.  It’s upsetting, to say the least!  So knowing where to go for safe, Organic Toys is very important.  Who do you trust if you can’t trust the big guys?  I love finding toys from independent sellers, especially moms who are as conscientious about what they sell as I try to be about what I buy.  Carrin of Down to Earth Toys is such a mom, and I’ve gotten to know her through dkMommy Spot over the past couple of years.  I believe she owns a business I can trust, and the toys we’ve tested here have all been top notch.

Lately we’ve been giving a Three Piece Pull Train a go, and like all their items, it’s quality stuff.  Made of hardwood in the U.S.A., it’s a solid, durable beauty that can easily make it to next generations (unlike its plastic counterparts)!  It’s made for kids 18 months and up, and of course any toddler in love with trains will have a ball with this one.  

For the younger set, we have today’s special feature and giveaway item.  This Organic Stacking Toy (pictured above with the cute little boy) is made of beautiful solid maple and walnut.  What makes it organic, you ask?  It’s the natural beeswax and organic jojoba finish, eliminating the fears of “child chews all”.  And of course the tactile experience with warm, solid wood is so much more than what a child would experience with hollow plastic.  Yet another hand-me-down item!  I love the thought of my son’s wooden toys going on to my grandchildren someday!  And what’s even better?  Every time you purchase an Organic Stacker Toy, a tree is planted.  So when your grandchildren are playing with these stackers about 25 years from now, somewhere will be growing the large beautiful tree that was planted when you first purchased the toy for your own child.  Now, that’s pretty cool!

Coupon Code:  For free shipping on orders over $20 at Down To Earth Toys, use code DKmom at checkout!  Good through 04/30/10.

Want to win your own Organic Stacker Toy?  We’re giving one away!

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  2. I like the Lyra (Lyrax) Beeswax Giant Crayons Set of 12. I love natural arts and craft materials and these look great!

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