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His story is probably not what you’d expect of a plastic surgeon.  After seeing patients time and again whose damaged skin could have been prevented with the proper care, he decided to help them prevent the damage in the first place.  But the skin care on the market, he soon discovered, was filled with numerous harmful chemicals and synthetics.  So Dr. Edward Domanskis began ten years of developing his own products made of all-natural and organic ingredients.  The result is Organoderm, a line of USDA organic skin care created by someone who understands skin!

I have been using several of the products, and I’ve found them rather impressive.  The ingredient list is the first thing I check, and there is absolutely nothing I find objectionable in any of the products.  One of my favorite items is the Olive Cucumber & Watercress Foaming Face Cleanser.  The bottle’s pump creates a foamy mound of cleanser which is light, refreshing, and effective.  Another favorite of mine has been the Olive Cucumber & Watercress Light Moisturizer for Face & Body.  Truly light, easily absorbable, and not heavy, it’s definitely a moisturizer you can use all over.  The fragrance of all the products is a refreshing citrusy scent with a nice tang to it that, I dare say, will be perfect for summer.

Dr. Domanskis is kindly giving away a travel kit to one of you!  This kit includes a trial size of all the Organoderm products (with the exception of the lip balm).  So get yourself entered for this great giveaway and expect some healthy summertime skin!

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