Our Vanishing Wilderness Series

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I recently discovered an old PBS television series, Our Vanishing Wilderness, and the videos are online.  We don’t really watch much T.V., but we do enjoy watching PBS videos online.  They’re something we don’t have to be worried about my son watching, and we can all enjoy them together.  The other day I got an email that the 1970’s Our Vanishing Wilderness series was online for free, so when my son needed a little distraction I sat down with him and started watching the episode “The Water is so Clear, That a Blind Man Could See”.  This episode is all about the Blue Lake near Taos, New Mexico and how the Native American people view it as a sacred spot.  Years ago it was in danger of development, but shortly after this documentary aired for the first time, they were able to save it.

The whole family ended up watching, and it was such a beautiful documentary that we’re really looking forward to watching the others.  If you’d like a little environmental awareness enrichment, I’d highly recommend checking out the series. A great way to enjoy learning about nature!  Check out the eight 1/2 hour films here: Our Vanishing Wilderness.