Peacock Republic – Fine Organic Soaps

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It’s no surprise I love soaps.  Natural, organic, earthy soaps.  Especially ones with little bits of dried herbs, scented with essential oils, moisturizing with pure ingredients.  Peacock Republic has a whole line of delicious bar and liquid soaps that I have had the pleasure of trying lately.  My particular favorite?  Chai Latte.  Mmmm.

Peacock Republic’s Eco-Luxe bar soaps work well for hands and body, but they’re gentle enough for the face as well. And the liquid soaps are surprisingly moisturizing, leaving a pleasant but not overpowering aroma on the skin.  Packaging is simply elegant and very eco-friendly – each bar of soap is wrapped in attractive biodegradable handmade paper filled with seeds.  Bury your soap wrapper now, enjoy wildflowers later.  I’m setting my soap wrappers aside for a little spring planting in my favorite corner of my woods.

The list of fragrances are perfect for the herb lover with such choices as Fields of Grace (calendula, sage, spearmint and lemongrass) and Lavender Hill.  Or pick Chai Tea Latte for a spicy warm aroma. Overall Peacock Republic’s bar and liquid soaps are everything a chemical-free woman could wish for – eco-friendly luxurious soaps made from pure natural stuff.  

Peacock Republic also carries beautiful handcrafted bowls and candles.