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How I love trees!  They provide our oxygen, cleanse the air of pollutants, restore our planet to health.  Perhaps we’re becoming more aware these days of the importance of the grand and wooded inhabitants that share our earth.  I like to think so.  But what do we know about them as separate species?  Can you name the trees in your own yard?  Peterson Field Guides has a most invaluable volume called A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs.  If you’re planning on spending any time outdoors this summer, whether it’s in the woods or in your own backyard, Trees and Shrubsis worthy of being at your side.

I’m a little rusty when it comes to trees.  I know a lot of my pines due to growing up in the northern regions of the U.S., and I can spot a maple, an elm, a mighty oak.  But there are many maples, elms, and oaks.  Distinguishing those gets a little hazy for me.  I had a 6th grade teacher who “made” us do very involved projects identifying about 50 different tree species, as well as collecting leaves from each.  Had I only had one of these guides, perhaps I’d have had an easier time locating that elusive osage orange!  (Heavens, that still gives me nightmares.)  Somehow, flipping through the pages of Trees and Shrubs is much more enjoyable than having my former teacher lecture us on the lobes of the sassafrass leaf.  I have even started bringing leaves home with me for identification if my guide isn’t nearby.  

The book is set up with sketches rather than photos, which is actually much simpler to reference.  Photos, due to lighting, etc. and a plant’s tendency to not always look like the perfect specimin, aren’t always a very easy way of identifying something.  But the clear line drawings of leaves and their branches in the Peterson Field Guidemake identification a lot easier.  Also included is plenty of information on each tree and shrub as well as text discussing the basic formations on leaves and branches.

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220 thoughts on “Peterson Field Guide “Trees and Shrubs” Book Giveaway

  1. i like the peterson first guide to clouds and weather.
    this is a wonderful subject, a great conversation starter among friends, enemies and just plain strangers.
    {think it’s going to rain?}

  2. I’d like A Field Guide to Feeder Birds to give to my friends who have a feeder, but don’t know many of the birds that visit. I want the Trees guide because I know a lot of flowers I’m very bad about trees & shrubs. Thanks for the contest.

  3. I’d like the “Birds” book. It would be fun to see how many I could spot. Thanks.

  4. I would like the field guide to stars and planets. My dad got a telescope a couple years ago

  5. I would like the field guide to stars and planets. My dad got a telescope a couple years ago and it’d be nice to put it to use!

  6. I’d love the guide to birds. Until this year, I never cared about birds at all but all the sudden now I am paying attention to them and listening to them and getting so much enjoyment out of them. I’d love to learn who’s making what call,etc.

  7. Stars and Planets would be my choice . I would like to be able to look up to the sky and actually point out a constellation or planet.

  8. I like Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America. My daughter is very interested in animals of North Anerica.

  9. The Insects guide would be nice. I’m curious about what the weird-looking insects are around here.

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