PlasmaCar Review

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The Plasma Car - A Lesson in Science Without Chemistry Set Explosions
The Plasma Car - A Lesson in Science Without Chemistry Set Explosions

Note:  This is a review only.

Want to teach your kids a little bit about physics before the summer’s out?  The PlasmaCar is a great science lesson you can sneak in while giving the family some real fun and exercise!  Winner of the 2001 Gold Metal at the International Patent Fair in Hong Kong, this toy has a lot to offer.  What first appears to be a motorized kid car is actually a kid powered toy working “by harnessing the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction.”  If you’ve got a child and a flat smooth surface about, you’re all set!  

To operate the PlasmaCar, your child sits on the seat and simply wiggles the steering wheel back and forth.  The car zips off as if motorized.  My son has been riding his about the neighborhood, and he sure gets a lot of attention the minute the PlasmaCar is wheeled from the garage.  Our sidewalk is smooth, but it’s at a slight incline.  The car works great downhill, gathering some speed that is in the safe range for me, but for him it’s the Indy 500.  The PlasmaCar is designed for flat surfaces so uphill is a no-go, but if you’ve got a nice level sidewalk, a garage floor, a basement floor, etc. you’re all set!  The PlasmaCar is also very easy to operate, so toddlers can work it with ease.  And since it’s so sturdy, older kids will have no problem giving it a go as well.  It holds up to 220 lbs!

Want to see it in action?  I’ve added a YouTube video for your viewing pleasure.  Excuse the lack of English text, but the background music is quite enjoyable…

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