Plastic Baby Bottles – To Leach or Not to Leach

Today as I was innocently traversing the web, I ran across an article telling me plastic baby bottles are good and safe and all is right in the world. Not 15 minutes later I came across another article. It stated plastic baby bottles are still bad and leachy with Bisphenol-A and can make my child sick. “Were you confused? Panicky?”


“Why not?”

Because I don’t care.

“You don’t care? What do you mean you don’t care? What’s the whole point of dkMommy Spot if you hang up on us now? You don’t care – that’s rich. I’m picking up my mouse and…”

Wait. Set down your mouse, no clicky-clicky. I don’t care about conflicting studies, opinions, rants and general media hoo-ha towards plastic baby bottles because I don’t use them. Never have.

You see, the key to not panicking when choosing products for our babies and children is to choose the safest, most natural route. Before my son was born, I sat in front of the computer for hours trying to determine things like whether or not plastic baby bottles were safe. (Hence, The Mommy Spot was born with my son.) I can’t make these decisions perfectly because I am not a scientist (although some would call my recipes experiments), and quite frankly I’d never stop obsessing if forced to choose a safe plastic. So I go with glass.

No one ever accused glass of leaching. The bottles are sturdier than you might think; yes, they’re much stronger than your grandma’s crystal. I’ve even dropped a full bottle in a parking lot without a break. (Don’t try this at home – they’re not indestructible, after all.)

I always harp on making more natural choices, and I’ll continue to do so for as long as news stories like this and this prevail. Because you don’t have to lose sleep, worry about your family’s health, or care one little bit when your choices are natural.