Plastic Surgery Book for Kids???

I ran across an interesting mommy blog this morning that shared her findings on a new book called “My Beautiful Mommy”. This charming tale tells the story of a little girl witnessing her mother going through plastic surgery transformations to her tummy, boobs, etc. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this wonderful and heartwarming story of a girl who will grow up knowing her own body will not be good enough if she turns out looking anything like her mom in pre-plastic mode.

I think the plastic surgeon who wrote this has been spending too many hours playing Miss Bimbo.

4 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery Book for Kids???

  1. yuck, yuck! That is such a horrible concept to think about…explainig to your kid that you were not beautiful enough to start out, and most likley she will need to be redone too! ahhhh! yuck.

    Thanks for letting us know whats out there!

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