Please Watch this Video and Keep Handmade Toys Legal in the U.S.!



Please take a moment to watch this video.  See all those beautiful toys the children are playing with?  In 55 days they WILL be illegal unless the toymakers can come up with $4,000 per toy to pay for safety testing.  Yes, all of these toys and anything else you make and sell, or any handmade toy from any other country including Europe (who has much stricter safety standards than the U.S.) will become illegal.  Unless we contact our senators and representatives and tell them to alter (not eliminate) this toy safety law ready to go into action.  This is NOT about removing the safety regulations that will keep our children from lead-painted toys or pthalates in their drinking bottles.  This is about charging small toy makers exorbitant fees they can’t afford and even hope to stay in business.

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5 thoughts on “Please Watch this Video and Keep Handmade Toys Legal in the U.S.!

  1. I would like to see an update on this situation. I am in the process of launching my website to market my homemade stuffed toys. Can anyone give me the most current information on this?

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