Puddlegear Raingear – Chemical Free and Cute!

‘Tis autumn – colorful leaves,  bright blue skies like no other time of year, the smell of cool air tinged with the pungent aroma of plants and trees giving up the last of their summer’s green for the year. ‘Tis also the season of chilly rain showers, November on its way with its special brand of weather.  So how do you keep your little ones dry this season?  You know they love to jump in the puddles on the way to the bus stop, no matter how you warn them.  How about some Puddlegear by Abeko?

Abeko has been in business since 1948, and they know raingear.  My son has been testing a Puddlegear set, and he’s never looked so darling headed out for the rain!  His Benny Jacket has a removable hood and is paired up with some Samuel Pants to keep his clothing extra dry.  For a rainy afternoon that doesn’t mean having to stay inside, I’ve been covering his head with a matching brimmed hat.  He enjoys the outfit so much that the least bit of rain clouds in the distance has him begging to put on his gear!

I love the fact that it’s been tested for over 100 different chemicals and contains none of them.  The material, completely waterproof, is very flexible and offers him free range of motion without being bogged down with thick crinkly plastic.  And it’s roomy enough that as the weather cools, we can easily add layers of warmth beneath.  The outfit even has reflective areas to keep my son visible if we’re out on a rainy evening, and the pants and sleeves have elastic at the bottoms to keep water from trying to sneak in. The whole outfit is machine washable and tear resistant – and it doesn’t wreak of plastic!

I am extremely impressed with Puddlegear’s quality, comfort, and dedication to being free of harmful chemicals.  Would I recommend them to my readers?  Without a doubt.  This is an outfit that will last through many hand-me-downs, and is obviously constructed with care.

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