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I’ve been testing the all-natural disinfectant and deodorizer PureGreen24 lately to see if it is as safe and effective as it claims to be.  While I may not be a scientist with a proper laboratory, I am a mom who is very picky about what gets used around the house.  I don’t want disinfectants that can’t be used around my son or my pets, and it can’t stink.  If it stinks, I get mighty suspicious. 

That’s why the first thing I did upon receiving PureGreen24 was to smell it – cautiously.  It’s formulated to kill things as mighty as superviruses, staph, E coli, and all those other scary little unseeables, so I expected a whiff of something potent enough to kill at least my nose hairs.  I was unbelievably surprised – I smelled nothing.  So does it work?  I mean, it is the first green hard surface disinfectant to be registered with the EPA.  And Grassroots Environmental Education recognizes it as a ChildSafe product.  I ran a few of my own mommy tests.  

For starters, the product claims to be safe for clothing – it won’t take out the color or damage it. I sprayed a goodly quantity on a dark blue towel and thank goodness it didn’t discolor it at all.  (I realized after my enthusiastic testing had occurred that I really liked that blue towel.)  Then I took PureGreen24 to the washroom where we have an interesting little issue with our washing machine.  Heaven knows why, but the rubber gasket around the opening of my frontloader gets some sort of mold on it where the water settles after washing.  We’ve tried everything to eradicate it, including products no green mommy would ever admit to using.  But no dice.  The mold stays, even when we leave the door open between uses.  I sprayed it, left it a couple minutes, returned and wiped it.  It did a much better job than any of that scary stuff we’ve tried, removing almost every last bit.  I couldn’t believe this odorless, stainless, chemical-less stuff wiped out the washing machine gasket mold. And in the process, I managed to get the disinfectant on my hands–no skin irritations.

While I may not have a cool white lab coat and a vial of the SARS virus at my disposal for testing, I feel pretty comfortable in saying PureGreen24 passed the dkMommy test.  I’d happily spray this stuff on grocery cart handles and any toys my dachshunds found fit to drag into the back yard.  Any natural product that can make this little family safer is something I want to have around.

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