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I’d say one of my biggest drives behind blogging here at dkMommy Spot is to share with you how herbs and natural remedies really do work, and how by using herbs you can avoid unnecessary exposure to the harmful side effects of many pharmaceuticals.  Since not every herb makes great tea, and since some herbs should be taken daily, it’s good to have a resource such as Puritan’s Pride for herbs in capsule form. 

Certain herbs aren’t easily taken by the teacup or the spoonful, for example valerian which we discussed the other day.  Great herb.  Very helpful and effective for providing a better night’s sleep.  But as a tea?  Plug your nose.  You can’t very well make a valerian salad but dry it, crush it, and put it in a capsule and you’ll benefit without the unpleasant task of tasting it.  

We’ve all heard about the benefits of garlic for the heart and lowering cholesterol, but eating raw garlic doesn’t exactly make you very popular at the office, and many garlic capsules sold still leave those unpleasant after effects that seem to announce to the world that yes, indeed, you have been taking garlic. Fortunately Puritan’s Pride also offers an odorless garlic in capsule form.  Your coworkers will thank you for it!

I remember way back when I was just a little sprout, my mother, queen of the bargains, used to get Puritan’s Pride catalogs in the mail.  It’s where she ordered all of her herbs and vitamin supplements, and in fact she still does!  Things have changed a little however, and she’s become a computer grandma who prefers to shop online.  But I’m a happy daughter knowing my mom reaches for herbal treatment first.

If you’re looking for  is a great place to shop online, Puritan’s Pride has very competitive pricing and always offers great deals.  Not only are the prices reasonable, when you purchase two bottles you get THREE free.  Or purchase just one and get the second free.  That means if you’re reaching for the odorless garlic capsules, you can get five bottles for only $2.64 a bottle.  Pretty darned affordable if you ask me! Add a huge selection to the great prices, throw in the knowledge you’re continuing a healthy chemical-free lifestyle and it quickly becomes the natural choice.

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  1. I don’t normally comment on blogs but your post was a real call to action. Thank you for a great read, I will be sure to bookmark your site and check in now and again. Cheers, Amy xXx.

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