Ramblin Wood Toddler Bed

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Perhaps the most important room of the house to maintain a nontoxic environment is your child’s room.  There are many hidden factors that play into this (we’ll discuss some of them this week). One very often overlooked item is new furniture, in particular the one your child sleeps in each night!  New furniture – even pricey solid wood furniture – can outgas formaldehyde for years.  Not something most parents are comfortable learning, to be certain!  That’s why I’m really happy to introduce you to a company that handmakes high quality, non-toxic platform beds and furniture – Ramblin Wood.

Ramblin Wood has been making twin, queen and king sized platform beds for adults, but they’ve recently created a beautiful toddler platform bed that my son has been sleeping on.  It’s made of solid domestic, sustainably harvested oak with hidden screws and a marvelously sturdy construction.  The mattress sits atop strong poplar wood slats and every corner of the bed is rounded and safely smooth.  Rails on each side rise about a few inches over the mattress, just enough to keep my wild sleeping son from rolling out of bed at night while still allowing him easy access to climbing in on his own.  It’s even adjustable, so while putting the bed together, one can decide on the correct height for their child.  Since toddler beds are usually recommended for children up to age 5, this feature should prove handy as a child grows.  

But one of the most impressive features of this bed is found in its nontoxic side.  All solid wood with no veneer and no particle board equals no formaldehyde and no glues.  Every bed made by Ramblin Wood is hand rubbed with linseed oil (the oil from flax) and no other varnish, polish, or solution is applied!  While you will smell the linseed oil for awhile, it’s not considered toxic and the smell will dissipate in a couple of weeks rather than a couple of years like with standard varnishes.  Ramblin Wood has received their “Green America’s Business Seal of Approval“.  I posted an article on the Green America’s Business Seal of Approval recently, and I was impressed with the strict standards that must be met before a business is accepted.

What results from all the effort and focus on quality that Ramblin Wood finds so important is a beautiful, sturdy toddler’s platform bed.  We found it an absolute breeze to assemble (in about 20 minutes – much less time than what it took to disassemble the crib!) and my son now has a bed that is so solid that if you try to shake it, well, it’s not budging at all.  He’s very proud of his big boy bed and is able to climb in and out all on his own.

If you’re in the market for a toddler platform bed, or any sized high-quality and nontoxic platform beds, visit Ramblin Wood.  Their beds can be found at numerous locations across the U.S.  This toddler bed is a brand new design, so you can contact the Ramblin Wood guys directly.  They’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.  I’m always happy to answer questions about our experiences too, so feel free to leave a comment here or contact me at themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  2. I wish something like this had been available when my children were young. When they went into their big beds, we had to pile pillows on the floor in case they fell out!
    As far as the linseed oil, not a problem for me — I love the smell.

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