Raspberry Leaf as a Natural Remedy for Menstrual Cramps

Who can provide effective mothering when horrendous menstrual cramps attack?  And if you’re hanging out in places like dkMommy Spot, you probably aren’t the type to lunge for a bottle of Midol with every PMS pinch.  So what’s a crabby gal to do?  

Raspberry leaf is a wonderful natural reliever of menstrual cramps.  It’s a safe herb and can be gotten in dried formula rather cheaply, especially if you go bulk.  And believe me, if you’re cranky and crampy, you’ll want to go bulk.  That’s because raspberry leaf also relieves the nervy, jittery thing that usually accompanies menstruation for so many women.  It will also help get those much-needed minerals back into your system.

Put all these reasons together, and you’ll find dried raspberry leaf is not only perfect for naturally relieving menstrual cramps, but it’s great for the menopausal mama too.  Brew it as a tea by steeping 1 Tbs. dried herb in 1 cup of water for anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes.  

Note:  Pregnant women should consult a physician before using.  While it has often been used for alleviation of morning sickness, it’s been known to hasten childbirth when used more than a couple of times a week, especially in that first trimester.  Personally, I’d recommend ginger as your first choice for morning sickness.)

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