Raspberry Leaf as a Natural Remedy for Menstrual Cramps

Who can provide effective mothering when horrendous menstrual cramps attack?  And if you’re hanging out in places like dkMommy Spot, you probably aren’t the type to lunge for a bottle of Midol with every PMS pinch.  So what’s a crabby gal to do?  

Raspberry leaf is a wonderful natural reliever of menstrual cramps.  It’s a safe herb and can be gotten in dried formula rather cheaply, especially if you go bulk.  And believe me, if you’re cranky and crampy, you’ll want to go bulk.  That’s because raspberry leaf also relieves the nervy, jittery thing that usually accompanies menstruation for so many women.  It will also help get those much-needed minerals back into your system.

Put all these reasons together, and you’ll find dried raspberry leaf is not only perfect for naturally relieving menstrual cramps, but it’s great for the menopausal mama too.  Brew it as a tea by steeping 1 Tbs. dried herb in 1 cup of water for anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes.  

Note:  Pregnant women should consult a physician before using.  While it has often been used for alleviation of morning sickness, it’s been known to hasten childbirth when used more than a couple of times a week, especially in that first trimester.  Personally, I’d recommend ginger as your first choice for morning sickness.)

13 thoughts on “Raspberry Leaf as a Natural Remedy for Menstrual Cramps

  1. Isn’t red raspberry leaf the main item in all the pregnancy teas? I thought it was beneficial to preggos?

  2. I’ve used raspberry leaf tea to reduce moderate menstrual cramps for the past 11 years. Works best for me if I take it before my cramps kick in. It seems to reduce menstrual blood clots & eases expulsion of menstrual fluid. I’ve found the bulk tea available in Northern CA stores is must less effective (even in mason jar quantities with long steep times) than the Traditional Medicinals variety, so I splurge for this one even though it is more expensive than bulk. I leave the old tea bag in the cup/jar when I make a second batch w/a new bag. It has cut my ibuprofen use to the point where my supply expires long before I can finish it. One caution is that there’s no safety data for raspberry leaf tea in the case of those who must avoid ibuprofen or other NSAIDs secondary to a bleeding disorder (e.g., idiopathic thrombocytopenia/ITP). Good to speak to your doctor before trying if you have a bleeding disorder or take medications that could possibly interact.

  3. I was just wondering if anyone knew the specifics on how to dry your own. I have two different types of raspberries growing and I would love to just dry my own instead of purchasing them. Thanks

  4. Red raspberry leaf tea has worked wonders for my severe cramps. The best tea I buy in Northern CA is in Raley’s in the Natural section: Traditional Medicinals Organic Raspberry leaf tea. It’s like magic. I seriously doubted anything but Ibuprofen would help me.

    It has to steep for 10-15 minutes covered. Sometimes I put 2 tea bags in one cup when my cramps are really bad.

  5. You can use a dehydrator or the oven to dry the raspberry leaf. The dehydrator is a 24 hour time and the oven takes about 2 hours. Depending when you pick the leaves. Wash them off and put them on a flat pan and put in the oven set at 170 degrees or as low as you can set yours. Another way is to put them in a flat pan and let the air dry them—that takes a couple of days and they don’t dry all the way if there is humidity in the air.

    SecretGardeners last blog post..Making Your Own Healing Herb Medicines

  6. I use raspberry leaf for my menstrual cramps which are severe and it helps some of the pain. I use about six boxes a month.

  7. I hsve used red raspberry tea for moderate cramps for many years and, unfortunately, recently, a miscarriage. It works great for me. I like Alviita name brand. It’s worth the price because I don’t need much. Ibuprofen works too to stop pain, but it scrambles my brain. And I seem to get a rebound effect when the Ib wears off. Anybody else experience this brin scramble and rebound or am I just weird?

  8. I drink raspberry leaf tea for cramps. It helps me a little. I can’t find it in bulk though.I wish I could!! I get 20 bags for 4 bucks when it’s on sale when it’s not on sale it’s $5 .48

  9. Beth I drink raspberry leaf tea for cramps and take Ibuprofen too. What do you mean when you say it scrambles your brain? Dizzy?

  10. Hello, I’ve been trying to do red raspberry, but everytime I do this i have the worst menstrual cramps and pelvic muscular pain on my cycles! help! Everywhere i read on the internet folks are saying it helps to relax it, but it doesn’t do this for me… Any ideas why? is it something I need to repeat a couple months before the extraordinary tenderness goes away?

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