RAW Meal from Garden of Life – Instant Health

GARDEN OF LIFE, LLC MARLEY COFFEEThe holidays are here, and if you’re drinking those green smoothies every day like I am, it can get tough about now; which is why I was happy to discover RAW Meal from Garden of Life. I was recently given the opportunity to test drive some Marley Coffee RAW Meal packets, and they couldn’t have come at a better time. With a big road trip before us, I was getting concerned about hauling my Vitamix and all my fresh fruits and greens across the country. While I still crammed these things into our already tight vehicle, I took several packets of RAW Meal along for the ride, as well.

I love long distance road trips, but trying to get ready in a different hotel every morning is not my idea of fun. This time around, I was able to send my son and husband to the free breakfast buffet for their usual oatmeal/orange juice combo while I stayed in the room and prepared a big glass of RAW Meal. Since it has a nice bump of Marley Coffee in it, I was able to forgo that nasty little in-room coffee maker with the stuff that masquerades as coffee. And the RAW Meal was surprisingly filling. I often had a hard time finishing the entire packet, and I always felt full for a few hours afterwards.

The big surprise was the energy I got from RAW Meal. I’m not talking jittery coffee buzz; yes, there’s coffee, but it’s not like downing a double espresso shot. No, the energy I felt was that good, healthy kind you get from vitamins and minerals. And this stuff is loaded with them! Just looking at the ingredient list was enough to give me a kick, too. With 34 grams of protein from sprouted beans and seeds, 9 grams of fiber, 20 vitamins and minerals, even an array of live probiotics and enzymes, organic fruits and vegetables, I felt pretty good about relying on it.

The Marley Coffee variety is a Whole Foods Market Exclusive, but there are other flavors to try, as well. Garden of Life also offers chocolate, vanilla, vanilla spiced chai, and original. No matter what flavor you go for, there are no preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings, no artificial sweeteners or sugar. In fact, the ingredient list reads more like my dream grocery shopping list!

I’ve had the opportunity to test several Garden of Life products, and I’ll cover more items later. In the meantime, I have some packets of RAW Meal in my cupboard that will come in handy as the Christmas shopping and holiday rush kicks in, because I’ll need the extra time and energy. I think I’ll be leaving Santa a RAW Meal packet this year, too – a little something healthy for the road.